We deliver customised swimming caps super fast

Here at Elite Swim Caps we offer a fantastic range of Printed Silicone Swimming Caps , these can be the super lightweight that are perfect as Swim School, Swimming Events Swim Caps, these are also known as the Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps , - certainly the most popular for swimming event giveaways, they are good high-quality swimming caps. OR they can be the thicker tougher Classic Silicone Swimming Caps.

Super Soft Silicone

The Super Soft Silicone Caps are the perfect Swimming Cap for Swim Schools, Open Water or Triathlon Events , or anybody on a budget.

Latex Swimming Caps

Latex Swimming Caps are the Ultimate Low Budget Swimming Cap, we offer the highest quality Latex Swimming Caps.

Classic Silicone Swimming Caps

The Classic Swimming Cap is the most popular Swimming Cap for Swimming Clubs, and anybody looking for a slightly better , thicker Swimming Cap.

Free Set Up and Mock Ups

Enjoy Some Free Shipping

All orders over £200 can see on shipping! We offer FREEE shipping on larger orders.

High Grade Swimming Race Caps

Are looking for Dome Race Caps? or Bluet Moulded Swimming Caps? If you require high spec swimming caps we can turn these around a 7 day lead time if required!

We Have A Customised Medal Service

Are you looking for Customised Sports Medals? We offer a great Service in Fully Customised Sports Medals. Amazing “Fully Customised Sports Medals”.