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To arrange at free digital mock up of your swim cap for production simply send us your art work:! Tiff Format | Jpeg | Work Doc if high RES

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Free shipping is available with orders over 250 units, discounts are available on bulk orders! International Shipping Available Worldwide.

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We offer big discounts on larger orders, no order is too big and we can accommodate some of the largest orders if required.

Silicone Swim Caps

Silicone Caps

Very popular with Swimming Clubs, Open Water Swimming Events, long lasting and tougher than a Latex Swimming Cap – The most popular two Silicone Swimming Caps are the Classic Silicone Swim Cap and the Super Soft Silicone Swim Cap, both very good quality Swim Caps: the Super Soft Silicone Swim Cap is a 30g Swim Cap, very stretchy and ok for ALL heads: The Classic Silicone Swim Cap is a much thicker Swim Cap , these Swim Caps are perfect Swim Caps for Swim Teams, Swimming Clubs, Triathlon Clubs and Open Water Swimming Clubs.

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latex swim caps

Latex Caps

A very thing and flexible swim cap, much thinner than silicone. Still quite popular with some swim schools and schools, along with open water swimming events. The Latex Swimming Cap, however, is less popular than the Super Soft Silicone Swim Cap, although the Latex Swim Cap is the cheapest option the Super Soft is only a very small amount more in cost than Latex:

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dome race swim caps

Dome Caps

Perfect for swimming Clubs and Swim Elite. The Dome Race Swimming Cap is a High Spec Cap, otherwise known as the Bullet Swim Cap, this Swim Cap has a shiny look to its shape, team logos do fit in a central position and therefore showcase any “Swim Team Logo” really well.

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Free Mockups & Quick Turnaround

We have a fantastic turn around time! sometimes as long as only 2 weeks as standard from mockup approval!

All digital mocks are totally FREE! and you get to choose your swim caps design, or send us your logo/design, please bear in mind that for every extra colour there is an additional charge:

We have a huge range of swimming cap types available from Super Q Silicone – Classic Silicone, Seamless Swimming Caps, Dome Race Swimming Caps, Reservable Swimming Caps, Latex Swimming Caps, Super Soft Budget Silicone Swimming Caps:

We have a friendly Elite Swim Caps Team ready to help, no order to big, however, we do have a minimum order of 25 units..just send us your logo today!

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