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About Us

Elite Swim Caps is one of Europe largest customised printed swimming cap provider, with 20 years experience in the swimming industry and market place.

We are currently supplying  customised printed swimming caps across Europe, we ship to any where in the world. With a dedicated in house designer you are always guaranteed to get the swimming cap look you require!

We are extremely passionate about swimming, we have a combined years experience of over 100, we understand your swim identity is of high importance. We can ship INTERNATIONAL  EXPRESS  CURRENTLY SHIPPING | AUSTRALIA | USA | EUROPE |



General Schools and School Swimming Programs || University Swim Teams || General Swimming Clubs and Swimming Teams|| UK and International Swim Development Programs || Triathlon Events and Open Water Swimming Events || Triathlon Clubs and Development Swimming Programs|| European Swimming Companies || Shipping World Wide || Express Swim Caps Production || Open Water Federations || Event Swim Training Camps

We offer an amazing range of Customised Swimming Caps

*Silicone   *Super Soft Silicone   *Latex   *Polyester
*Water Polo Caps   *Dome Race Caps   *Long Hair Swimming Caps

Silicone Swim Caps

Classic Silicone Swim Caps

Very popular with swimming clubs, great swimming events, long lasting and tougher


polyester swim caps

Polyester Swim Caps

These are a cloth type swimming cap, very good for very young children

super soft silicone

Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps

A very thin cheper version of the classic silicone cap, these are popular with swim schools, perfect for small heads!

dome race swim caps

Dome Race Swim Caps

Perfect for swimming Clubs and Swim Elite

latex swim caps

Latex Swim Caps

A very thing and flexible swim cap, much thinner than silicone. Still quite popular with some swim schools and schools, along with open water swimming events

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