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The facts about Latex Swimming Caps over Silicone Swimming Caps With the Silicone Swimming Caps, you can certainly expect No allergies, sometimes swimmers may suffer from small

The Swimming Cap Company

We are the Swimming Cap Company

We do feel that we are the best Swimming Cap Company to suit your requirements, we can offer a FULL range of swimming cap types from Super Soft Silicone to Classic Silicone.Are you a Swimming School or a Triathlon Club maybe a School Swim Team or a Swimming Club?if so we can help.

Best Mock-Up for a swimming cap

Free Mock-ups from N1 Swimming Cap Company in UK

We do offer a free Mock UP this is a digital mock-up of your chosen colour – Red ,Black ,Yellow any colour you choose – we then take your chosen design and place onto a Swimming Cap – Its important to note that once you do confirm the price with us we then create the logo: and 3d Mock Up.

The Swimming Cap Company

With the Swimming Cap Company that we are we definitely feel we have the quickest turnaround times – swimming events are often held across the country – and sometimes swimming caps are required urgently – we can help. Our Silicone Printed Swimming Caps  Service do come up tops, thats why we do feel we are N1 The Swimming Caps Company. We feel thats right for your Swim Team, School Swim Team – Swim School.


Printed School Swim Caps Service

Looking for Printed Swim Caps for School Swim Team

Are you a school, looking for customised swimming caps printing service for your School Swim Team? if yes, we are here to help. This silicone swimming cap printing service is high Spec. We offer the highest Swim Caps Customisation and our caps are perfect for all heads:

Our Swimming Caps customisation service is amazing, we use the highest level of customisation – any swimming cap can be customised on and the logos of your school will look fantastic.

School Swimming Caps Services

We offer a minim order of 25 units swimming caps, often we are the only swim cap provider that can do this! as a school orders more swimming caps the price of the swim team caps is reduced:

Many schools across the UK do require swimming caps for school swimming galas, it’s a normal process to get swimming caps on kids heads. The swimming caps are soft, they help with streamlining off the wall, and winning races.

School Swim Caps 

If a swimmer is new to the school and they enjoy swimming they will often be given a swim cap, we guarantee a great looking swimming cap, strong and long-lasting. Young swimmers can learn the benefit of wearing swimming caps, they are much better than swimming with out.

Custom Schools Swimming Caps

A Printed Customised Swimming Cap for Schools

A school School Swim Team defiantly looks better, more professional with Customised logo swim caps: Silicone in a Classic Super Quality form is the best silicone swimming cap to have as the Super Soft thinner swim caps can look a little to thin. Colours available for printing onto School Swimming Caps are vast.

Swimming Caps printed for Schools

In general any colours can be used: up-to as many as 8 different colours can be applied – however the higher you go up the colour chain IE how many you use: will then increase the pricing of the School Swimming Caps, and therefore its better to use one or two colour print, this keeps the cost down!

Swimming at School with Swim Caps – printed

The school swimming program – or a school swimming program can be very constructive – usually swimming lessons take place at different levels – sometimes a school will be very lucky and have a swimming Pool – this swimming lesson situation is often the case: so if a school hasn’t a pool then the next step to create an environment in which school swimmers can get lessons, and that is a leisure centre swimming pool:

The Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons

Taking your school to the local leisure centre usually means booking them in: Schools usually book swimmers in via the school secatary who calls the centre and gets the lessons booked: during the swimming lessons the children usually have Customised Swimming Caps on = some times supplied by the leisure Centre , but if they can t supply its then down to the School to provide:

Using a Classic Swim Cap for Schools Printing Swimming Caps

If your using a Classic Swimming Cap thats silicone these are normally quite a tough swimming cap, the surface is a little shiny – this gloss really looks nice once printed on, the school logo onto the swim cap sets off a great look, and perfect for swimmers taking part in a swimming competition or swimming gala.


The Latest Printed Swimming Caps

Our Latest Batch Of Printed Swimming Caps

We have been very busy these last few weeks with many orders flying out the door! Silicone Swimming Caps printed – Super Soft Swimming Caps – We use a huge machine to print on hundreds s of SiliconeSwimming Caps – We have been producing Printed Silicone Swimming Caps orders for over 7 years now.

Open Water Swimming Events Printed Swimming Caps

This time of year is definitely the time for Open Water Swimming Events: many swimmers from around the UK take the plunge into. As winter is upon us the swimming will often move into the swimming pool, swimming programs are available and swimming sets with a swim cap are best.


Schools Swimming Cap Orders

We are now starting to produce Schools Printed Swimming Caps Orders – Are you a School looking for Customised Swimming Caps – If you’re

looking for printed swimming caps we can offer fantastic prices: If your School is taking part in the ESSA Schools Swimming Championships OR simply an interclub swimming event we can help.


Open Air Swimming Pools

Do you run a Lido – an outdoor swimming pool: they can be a fantastic place to do your swimming: the fresh air, the water temp will not always be to everybody’s liking – but – if you can get over the first few bits of coldness the swimming can really leave you invigorated!


Latex Swim Caps Info

The facts about Latex Swimming Caps over Silicone Swimming Caps

With the Silicone Swimming Caps, you can certainly expect No allergies, sometimes swimmers may suffer from small latex allergies from wearing Latex Swimming Caps.

The Silicone Swimming Caps definitely have a reduced environmental impact created in the production of a Latex Swimming Caps, they are not as friendly as super soft silicone.

Silicone Swim Caps with improved fit.

Silicone Swimming Caps generally have a greater more improved fit, than that of Latex Swimming Caps. The Silicone Swimming Cap is definitely longer lasting, with the Classic Silicone Swim Cap definitely outlasting the Latex Swimming Cap.

Swimming Races INFO

Most Swimmers competing in “Swimming Races ” prefer the Silicone Swim Caps, they fit the swimmer well but also looks better on the head but also the swimmer will go faster.

Awards and Medals for Swimming Galas

Hosting a Sporting Event

If you are you hosting a sporting event, competition or simply looking to reward an achievement we can help. Medals are a great way to celebrate any sort of achievement whether it’s coming  1st 2nd or 3rd with a gold silver or bronze medallion or just to say well done you did it!

At Elite Swim Caps we offer Medals

Silicone Swimming Caps Printed and fully customised

Here at Elite Swim Caps, we can provide you with a totally unique memento for your occasion.

We provide meals for all kinds of sporting achievements, not just swimming competitions, we can also accommodate orders for Rugby festivals, Football/Netball/Hockey tournaments, Running events, Charity events, club presentations and much more…..

Bespoke sports medals

Our bespoke medals can be completely tailored to your needs whether its basic simplicity to reward competitors at a school hosted gala or more specialised high spec medals that are tailored to your event, even incorporating colours to match your needs with our Enamelled Coloured Medals.



Looking for customised medals?

Bespoke customised medals make fantastic mementoes and souvenirs for sporting awards and should rightly match the achievements they credit. When participants enter an event receiving a customised medal with your event details, it can be a great way for them to remember and look back at their accomplishments.

Elite swim caps can also provide personalised ribbons which can make your custom medals even more special and eye-catching. Don’t forget the ribbons or boxes! we can stock these as well.

A great looking Medal

Complementing the look of your bespoke medal is also important, so having the ability to choose the right colour and size ribbon to finish off the look of your medals is a great way to do this and with a large variety of colours available this shouldn’t be a problem, or maybe you’d prefer your medals to be presented in a box? We are here to help you decide which method of presentation suits your event best.  

Lastest Deals on Silicone Printed Swim Caps

Just a few of our Silicone Swim Caps

We have been busy creating swimming caps over the last week, the Silicone Swim Caps we supply are of high quality , Super Soft Silicone – Classic Silicone – Dome Race Cap { Silicone } the silicone swim caps are used for open water swimming events, school swimming events, swim events that may involve triathlon also: or a Bi Athlon.

Use Swimming Caps for Bi Athlon

If you’re hosting an event such as a Bi Athlon then we can help with swimming caps, we can offer a custom swim cap that will really look good.

School Swimming Competitions | ESSA

Most Schools have Swimming Competitions at least once

Has your school taken part in Swimming Galas? maybe you have a school swimming gala that is against another school? do you have a good team strip? or even a School Swimming Cap? A School Swim Cap with your school logo on? your school logo can look great on a swimming cap: It adds a level of professional swimming outlook to your school: Super Soft Silicone Is the most popular Swim Cap for school swim teams:

Swimming Competition for schools 2019 

In the run up to swimming events for schools in the UK printed swimming caps are going to be important. The customised swimming cap is a colourful factor for school swim teams in the Schools ESSA championships. Primary schools have Silicone Swimming Caps, these are very popular in small orders of 25-50 units, we offer small OQ this can really help as most schools only have a very small school swim team: the school swim team silicone caps are often a one colour print: this is the cheapest of all custom swim caps:

ESSA Swimming Championships

The ESSA Schools Swimming event takes place this 15th June: good luck to all the schools taking part. The swimming event its self-offers young swimmers the opportunity to take part in great big swimming events, the events themselves are perfect for testing the schools swimming programs.

Silicone Swimming Caps

Elite Swimming Caps .com



Silicone Swim Caps Customised

Before and After Customised Silicone Swim Cap

What’s the process of creating amazing customised swimming caps for the UK s Swimming Clubs and Swim Schools, and not to mention the Swimming Events, Schools Swimming Events, and Sporting Swimming Events, Triathlons and many more..

Finding the Correct Silicone Swimming Cap

The Correct Silicone Swim Cap for your Club Or School is often not that simple, but don’t worry we are happy to help discuss – most Schools, for example, go for a Super Soft Silicone swimming Cap: this will truly keep your budget in check, its not easy to find a great price and maintain the swimming caps quality but with our super soft silicone cap s we can certainly help: We guarantee really good quality with our caps also:

Classic Silicone Swim Caps

The Classic Swimming Cap is a Classic Silicone Swim Cap, perfect for Swimming Clubs, these are really tough compared to the Super Soft Silicone Swimming Caps, they are much thicker: they really last much longer: and have a shine to them:

Here below is an example of the Classic Silicone Cap, taken from the Simple 3D mock-up to the finished product, a one colour print.

Silicone Customised

Elite Swimming



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