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Swimming Club Kit Requirements

Is your UK swimming club requiring NEW kit, Swimming Caps , Tracksuits or even fully customised T-shirts, it may be that your club is holding an event, such as an Open Water Swimming Event, these events do demand customised swimming caps, silicone is the most popular, the super soft silicone swim cap is the most popular for events and swim schools, with the classic swimming silicone swim cap the second best most popular.

Silicone Swimming Caps V Latex Swim Caps

The Latex Swimming Cap is fast becoming a very rough cheap swimming cap , they are the last resort in the world of customised swimming caps , however they do serve a good use , they are ok for very low budget swimming caps orders, with the next best swim caps for customisation being the super soft silicone swimming cap, these are very stretchy and great if your looking for a swim cap that fits all heads..

Printedswimcaps siliconce

Elite Swim Caps .com

Customised Drinking Bottles

We do offer a fully customised drinks bottle service, these branded swimming bottle service we offer is around a minus order of 50 units, the printing is tricky to implement, its usually a one colour print you can inquire for more details..

Swimming Floats for Swim Clubs

Are you looking for a swimming float order for your swim club, and if so then you may require a pull buoy and swim kickboard order, we can service all your requirements with these floats.

Swimming Kit Bags

We can fully customise swimming kit bags, these can be a choice of colours if you wish, your swimming club colours and logo can be applied.The bags are waterproofed, they can have multiple swimming pockets. Or it may be you’re looking for micro fibre robes, these can be fully customised.



School Swimming Lesson Structure

Following a School Lesson Program | Using Swim Caps
Is your school following a learn to swim program? using printed swimming caps with school logo on? colour coded swim caps so that your teachers can keep track of lesson standards, this may also be via the ASA Learn to Swim Program, following the ASA ” Swim England ” program where a team of teachers maybe qualified with the full governing body:
A best possible set up for your school swimming lessons is to simply run a weekly lesson from one term to the next, due to other school commitments it may not always be possible to run your lessons all year round, most schools don’t have the use of there own swimming pool, so swimming lessons are down to where the children have a swimming lesson at a leisure centre.
If a school is lucky enough to its own swimming pool then small group sizes are not an option , due to the amount children in school bigger swim lesson classes are often the case, if a school is lucky enough to have its own pool then a selection of swimming training aids such as swimming kick boards , woggles , arm bands are usually stored ready for use, and again many of the groups will require printed swimming caps for grading the pupils in each group.
It may be a requirement to check your school swimming structure with Ofsted
Swimming Games to Play at School
Even though swimming development of all strokes is highly important having fun is really important too, below is a small selection of games for you to try at school during your swimming lessons:
  1. Synchronised Swimming Skills
Basic sculling is highly important for young swimmers to develop , sculling on the back , head first or feet first , sculling can be refined , and once the basics are in place then more advanced sculling movements can follow.. in fact elite swimmers even take part in sculling drills to refine the speed of all swimming strokes.
    2. Under Water Swimming Practice
Under water swimming skills are also important , swimming through underwater hoops can be great fun for swimmers at school, during a school swimming lesson, if the young or weak swimmer can’t get down then it would be wise to only submerge the hoop slightly , that way its only the face that goes under!
  3. Pushing and Gilding Practice
Its a very simple swimming skill but a very valuable skill , a stream line body position and then push! these can be achieved on the back, or on the front! from simple push and guide practice a teacher could then simply do a forwards roll, and then backwards roll.!
 4. Mini Water Polo Fun
Add water and a ball and you generally have a lot of happy kids, the mini water match can be played in even the smallest area, and rules can be as relaxed as you like, you may consider 2 coloured swim caps, to split your school teams up!

Simply Customised Swimming Caps

Simply Printed Swim Caps

We have all types of swimming caps available for your requirements, we simply customise all swim caps with multiple colours, the main construction of most swimming caps is that of Silicone, its a highly versatile material and can be folded into many different types of swim cap.

Various Types of Swimming Cap

From Classic Silicone Cap s to Super Soft , a very cheap and low budget swimming cap thats very popular with Swim Schools, Schools , Open Water Events and Triathlons, the Classic  Swim Cap is much stronger with variations such as the Seamless Swim Cap  to the Dome Race Cap, these caps can be customised with up to 6 different colours, but will defiantly be a cost-effective cap if you stick to one colour only.

Using a Swimming Cap for Fitness

Many swimmers have used swimming caps for swim fitness sessions for a long time, the swim cap will certainly protect the hair from the chlorine thats put into swimming pools to keep it clean from germs, if you’re a fitness swimmer you don’t really want to have long hair in your face during front crawl breathing.

Keeping your Swim Cap Clean

When your not swimming its a good thing to keep your swimming cap dusted in a light showering of talcum powder, this stops it from getting crusty and drying out, the swimming cap in general, whatever material has a short lifespan so look after them.


Budget Silicone Swim Caps

Eliteswimcaps .com Silicone printed

Using Swimming Caps For Open Water Swimming

Many swimmers around the world prefer swimming in Open Water, they prefer open expanse of the sea or lakes, or rivers, the Open Water Swimmer often prefer the Classic Silicone Swim Caps, they are a little warmer on the head than the Super Soft Silicone Swim Cap, there is a swim cap for Open Water Swimmers called the Warm Wear Swim Cap produced by the swimming company TYR, these are very bright and very warm on the head.





Using swimming Caps at Swimming Schools

Learning to swim is a highly important skill to learn, the risk of drowning is high, the ASA offers amazing advice with regards to water safety . 

Silicone Swim Caps


Swim lessons in most swimming schools use swim caps are worn, a range of head sizes have to be catered for, swimming schools often have custom printed logos, of the swim school, they often require a range of colours.

Swimming Lesson Info

In swimming lessons all swim strokes are learned, the Front Crawl and Back Stroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke, these strokes can often take a long time to learn, the Butterfly swimming Stroke is often the most difficult to learn, also the Breast Stroke is a very difficult stroke to learn due to the leg kick.




Swimming Tips

Get some amazing swimming tips for all swimmers. Swimming with fins and drill work, swimming with hand paddles, swimming in open water, swim sets in the sea. Here you will find lots of swimming tips, check in weekly, and while you may be here drop us a line if you require customised swim caps.




The Customised Swimming Caps | Open Water Events

Swimming Caps Fully Customised

Swimming caps fully customised are the perfect open meet or open water swimming event free give away, often this is a great way of promoting you swimming event, or meet, very often swimming events such as a charity event, for the Heart Foundation , Mac-millian, the Red Cross , get a great benifit from using branded customised swim caps.
It can help with remarketing and also brand identity , really helping your swimming event or triathlon event take off with the participants.
Open Water Swimming Events
Most Open Water Swimming events use a “Super Soft silicone Swimming Cap” these thiner swimming caps are very good for most swimmers head shapes, they are quite strecty and low cost, all colours can be printed on them, and if you have a good budget up-to 6 different colours can be used, although the cheapest would simply be a one colour print swimming cap

Other Silicone Swim Caps

Another silicone swimming cap thats often used but slightly more cost is a “Classic Silicone Swimming Cap” these are thicker, they last longer, and again they are perfect for Open Water Swimming Events, Open Water Triathlons, Open Meets for Age Group Swimmers, the Classic Swim Cap is a great give away for events:

Event Organisers

Its often that event organisers now choose Silicone swimming caps over the old school Latex Swimming Caps, the Latex swimming cap is cheap option for custom printing , they do have a tendency to rip, school swimming programs do use them but most swimming clubs in and around the UK and Europe dont use them to often.




Swimming Training for Triathlon

Training in the swimming pool for Triathlon  | UK 2018

Triathletes will be thinking of 2019 swimming and triathlete season not to far off in the Spring, its a few months away yet but its defiantly going to arrive, so what are most triathletes doing in the swimming pool for training, mostly refining drills and skills, the swimming technique is really important, front crawl swimming is key to practice,

Swimming 400m Front Crawl

But if your a breaststroker hoping to do well in a Triathlon you may wish to consider learning front crawl, its really important to develop, not swimming front crawl in a Triathlon Race will men a much slower time, the times most beginner Triathletes per 400m of swimming are normally around the 8-10 min mark, then an intermediate Triathlete will be in around 6-7 mins of 400m swimming, with an advanced borderline triathlete about 5 mins and even below..

Swimming Sets for the Triathlete

With  | UK 2018 Triathlon fixtures coming out even now its really important to get cracking now with your swimming training , swimming sets such as 300m 400m 500 m sets,and 1000m to 1500m sets are important, kicking sets are very important for improving your body position , the also help with swimming proposition, and even though the average Triathlon , and triathlete will swim with a Tri Suit to hand , or wearing one and this then keeps the body position high, its really important to get a good kick:

Adding Drills to a Program of Triathlon Swimming

A drill set is a must for Triathletes, its really important to get skills squeezed in for swim technique improvement, this is key to development, the drills should be aimed at any corrections you may need as Triathlete, a coach can give guidance on improving the faults in the swimming stroke, high elbow drills, long reach swimming drills, front end catch drills , underwater phase swimming drills, hand position , leg kick improvements, and more, add a swim training set to your warm up, its a great way to get that drill set in:


A Swim FastErgo Swim Bench

Swimming Training Bench | Swim FastERGO

Have you started a new year resolution ? are you a swimmer looking to improve your swimming skills and fitness? training for a triathlon or open water swimming event this year 2018? The Swim FastErgometer is the worlds n1 swim bench, and its more than just a swim bench.

Swimming training by nature is tough , its full of challenges , turns and starts, swimming skill and fitness improvements , aerobic fitness , anaerobic swimming fitness, swim kicking improvement , and general skill and improvements: using the swim fast ergometer is a perfect swim training aid, it can fold up nicely to pop in the corner of your house, room, outside shed.

Some basic swimming sets could be: warm up, 10 mins mobility, 4x 3 mins on the SF Ergo at a % effort, then rest, and repeat, then try some short swimming  sprints! try 30 seconds sprinting, 10x..

Then maybe some short swimming sprints such as 10 strokes fast…

Then simply swim on your Ergo Swim Bench for 10 mins..

For more info click here: 

Open Water Swimming Event Markers

Running an open water swimming event in 2018?

If your a charity, swimming club, open water swim club, sporting events specialise, swim event organiser and require all the supplies for open water swimming races then we can help. An open water swimming marker is very important when it comes to swim races. As swimmers swim out to each part of the race the markers are perfect for helping map the swimming route.

Services for open water swimming events

We offer a full spec 3d mock up of your marker, we can supply any marker shape or size, open water swimming markers are highly important for marking out the swimming course and route,.

Swimming support team.

Often a small boat support team will also take the swimmers round to safety,the open water markers are made with tuff PVC very often the best option, the are fixed to the bottom of the sea, or lake, we offer full customisation for your markers, they stand out with many colours on offer, these are double Stitched this is important.


Swimming Medals

Looking for swimming medals| Awards

The Age Group swimming season in the UK is well under way: young swimmers all over the Uk are aiming for swimming times, at ASA County Championships and swimming open meets: or internal swimming club swim time trials, either way the swimming club or swim clubs will maybe require swimming awards and medals, these come in many forms and with a great selection of ribbons available here at elite swim caps.com we have a fantastic range of awards available :




Sports Event Inflatables

A Sports Event Infaltable | Print Customised

Sports events: are you in need of a finish or even an inflatable start line for your upcoming event? this maybe a running event, triathlon event, open water swimming event, or even a motor cross event, or carting event, or race: we can fully customised inflatable arches and supply any 3D artwork for FREE, with free shipping:

The inflatable arch is a favourite with many sports events, we can fully customised them to your requirements, any colour , size or style:

Mainly we use few kinds of material:

PVC 350 g hardburning B1 cerificate + digital printing, polyester material 260 g B1 certificate hardburning + sublimation printing.

Get Sporting Medals HERE

We have a huge range of swimming Awards | Medals

Medals fro swimming clubs, triathlon clubs, open water swim clubs, surf lifesaving clubs and more…

There is certainly at least 7 types and classes of medals, not just sporting medals

1. Sorts OF Awards: A medal may be awarded to a person/any age or organisation as a form of  total recognition for sporting, military, scientific, cultural, academic, or various other achievements, these maybe high or low success ..

Yes, we are in a position to offer sports medals, and a great range of medals, from sand blasted smooth sports medals to simple sports medals with amazing looking ribbons, and customised ribbons for clubs, event and more…

Swimming clubs will often hold open meets, swimming events, county asa swimming championships, swim meets for young swimmers , open water swimming events and event bi athlons , these events are always in need of a nice looking sports medal, we can offer a full range:

Most young athletes that compete would like a medal, a nice looking sporting medal is what most athletes are looking for, 1 st 2nd and 3rd winning medals are best but if you can’t get any of those places then you may consider a medal for a top 8 position, this will also go down very well.. if your club is looking to reward its athletes for taking part in a open swim meet then an award of sorts is important!

Ribbions for medals:

What an amazing range of ribbons are available for your sports medal, these come in a wide range of styles, silk sports medal ribbons are the nice smooth looking medals you find at many sports events, these are great looking often with the brand or club or swimming meet writing on, in bright colours..


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