Event Sports Supplies

Event Sports Supplies

With 2017 coming to a close many charity sporting events, open water swimming and triathlon events organisers will be getting ready for the 2018 season, and here at elite swim caps, we can offer the full package! Swimming in the Sea, Swimming in Open water, swimming or entering an event is a lot of fun, and once you enter it is often in

Custom Swim Caps | All Colours Printed | Inflatable Sports Arches| Event Sports Flags | Sports Medals | Customised Branded T-Shirts | Custom Printed Hoodies | Silicone Branded Swimming Caps | Inflatable Water Markers | Any Sports event supplies required

Customised Swimming Caps

Customised Swimming Caps are our specialist product, silicone super soft is the favourite cap as its lightweight and cheap for the event, any colour can be branded on, open water swimming markers are also available from us and we can brand with any logo on.. the open water markers are PVC this makes them highly long lasting for years to come, why not set your event off with a bang at the start of the event, with a customised event arch, we can supply either 1 or 2 start and finish lines with a discount on the x 2 of 10% these are fantastic looking and perfect for open water swimming events, triathlon events, and surf lifesaving events, we also offer a great range of sports medals and awards perfect for anybody finishing the race!

Sports Flags

Sporting Event flags are also very popular, these can be also fully customised to suit your requirements: and these also look great on the finish line, start line, and other areas such as the lake side or beaches, we can fully brand them to suit your requirements:Discounts for events kit

Enter  Charity swimming events 

Charity sporting events are often in need of sporting events supplies , they are important for events branding, often we give discounts on multiple product orders, these help you save money and are truly worthwhile: very often its a discount code giving you as much as 20% off your total order, USE DISCOUNT Code + 20% discounted, this maybe on custom swimming caps.

Sports events in the UK 2019

You will find many sporting events , across the uk during 2019 , swimming events and land events, training for these events is the hardest part, very often the events are long distance, the longer distance events are tricky to train for but its all down to simply making an effort,. You may need to train in a 50m swimming pool, the big so called olympic swimming pools are the best place to work on longer distance swimming events , and training.

Start and Finish | Inflatable Arches

Start and Finish Arches | Inflatable

The Event sporting season may be over but on the way is mid winter, theres still plenty of sporting events around, and after the winter is over the spring will soon take place: the spring will bring Open Water Swimming Events, Triathlons and more:

If your thinking about events equipment and supplies you may need to consider us at Elite Swim Caps.com we have been expanding our operations significantly and now offer inflatable arches for your start and finish , these add super value and brand appearance to your sporting event:

Advice for swimming parents

Advice for swimming parents: Swimming Competition

Age Group Swimming meets

2018 : British Swimming . ORG

What is a swimming fixtures calendar

The swimming meet or fixtures calendar as its know for the season is published on the swimming club websites, and is then updated monthly and is also on the  swimming club notice board of most swimming clubs: It may, and is often subject to change through-out the course of the season but members will be kept generally informed most of the week or month, dependant on clubs. Not all  swimming meets are relevant for all squads or all swimmers, usually they are L1 2, 3 or 4.. and it is the Head Coach’s decision as to who is entered for a particular meet, this will be noted.

The swimming clubs fixtures secretary

The swim club fixtures secretary plays a very important role within the swim club and is highly responsible for distributing  swim meet entry forms, collecting them in, and for co::ordinating the club’s entry into the swim meets. They are also responsible for managing the entries for the Club Championships, these can be used every time =

Which Competition Types are found?

Swimming Competitions are classified as “Open” or “Closed” swim events. An open swimming competition, as the title implies, is open to all swimmers, whilst closed swimming competitions are for selected groups for example the North West Regional Age Groups, oxford or cornwall “”County Championships””

Staying together as a team:

For the majority of competitions, the club attends, and stays together as a team, but the swimmers will be competing as individuals against other individuals. Usually the top three positions in events receive a swimming award: Swimming Caps, and goggle are really important!

Quite often: there are overall competition awards for the top male and female swimmers, and these are called BAG CAT awards | and an award for the top club that swim the best.

There are also  swim team “competitions” these consist of a set programme of swimming events, normally including some relays, and the coaches will select the fastest team to win each race. And so each swim will earn  extra points depending upon finish position of the swimmer, and the team with the most points at the end wins. The club may travel as a team by  using a coach to such an event , sometimes parents choose to travel on there own…

Swimming competitions are targeted at different standards of swimmers, and are designated a level of swimmer. A Level 1 is for national standard competitors,and these are a very high standard of swimming, and Level 3 for the slower or younger swimmer, usually a swimmers first meet: Convert your times:

Before a swimming meet.

Open Swim Meets are open to full swim club members who meet the relevant age and swim time qualifications…entry fees are payable by the swimmer. Therefore each swimmer competes for him or herself for medals, some ribbons, all colours and improved PB times, and our top swimmers for each event and age group earn  mega points for working towards a nice looking Top Club trophy. The Swim club attends various Open swimming meets throughout the year, at different levels, of swimmer: or swimmers.

ASA Licensing, and marked Grading system.

Who makes the “”The Amateur Swimming Association: (ASA)RULES: license swim meets at levels 1…(highest) to 4… (lowest). A Top Level 1 meet will have minimum qualifying times ” and is broadly aimed at swimmers aiming for “National Qualifying “Times (NQTs). Level 2 meets have minimum qualifying times and upper limit times; these are aimed at those looking for District and good County qualifying times (QTs). Level 3 meets typically have upper limit Q.T.S and are aimed at County and Club swimmers. Level 4 swim  meets may have Q.T.s in the same way as Level 3 swim meets, but they have much more freedom in terms of using electronic timing and qualified officials for the meet:

Its often the Swim Coaches, either the HEAD or Assistant Coach that will advise swimmers of suitable meets.Then.. If you have not been given details of a meet which you would like to enter then speak to your coach: this could then be the best bet.

Swim Club Entry Procedures

Mostly Swim Club Procedures for entry are similar..

  • Start by Checking the information on the swimming website to ensure that the meet is suitable for your swimmer, and that you do not have any other commitments on the relevant weeks…
  • Then simply decide which events you would like to enter. Bear in mind that entering too many events will be very tiring and may mean you do not swim at your best.
  • ===================
  • Then sign the entry form and return it, with a cheque for the relevant amount made payable to “D.V.A.S.C”, to the general swimming club desk, if the desk is not manned then hand to your swim coach who will ensure this is passed to the correct official  by the swim meet closing date.
  • An then all the swimmers entries and send the information to the club hosting the meet.
  • Once entries have closed its tricky to get in, but often a slim chance its fine.
  • If there are any rejections , which is often the case: then details of any refunds available will also be given out.

Filling out the entry forms for swim races

Its mostly a simple procedure to get forms filled out:

Also mainly ensure you only enter events which are allowed for your age, and put down your personal best times (PBs) in the box provided, try not to cheat, or make up times…. You may have all have a record of PBs from the Club Championships you may have done…

Few Other  Swimming Points

If entries are late then the date may be missed and all Woking entries would be rejected.

Some swimming meets operate on a first come, first served entry basis, and in these cases entries need to be in well in advance of the organisers…

Important part of swimming development

The swimming club will publish “Open Meets” they shall be attending visit the fixtures page regularly or if you have any questions please speak to your  swimming coach.

Its always important to attend swim meets:

Personal Best Swimming Times

Swimmers are  solely responsible for keeping a record of PB personal best times they achieve, for the events they swim in competitions are important. These are referred to as Personal Bests or PBs.

What are swim “Time Conversions

Some Swimming Meets require times achieved in a 25m (short course) pool and others in a 50m (long course) pool.

There are tools available to convert between the two, in the event that the swimmer has only the “wrong” type of time. Traditional comparative performance tables are accessible on the British Swimming website. If you go to PullBouy.com you can find relevant info on covering swim times:

Age Groups and swimming events

Most  swimming competitions will organise swimmers into age groups for awards…so sometimes these are single year age groups, sometimes double, with awards presented for the top age group swimmers in each event in each age group.

UK competitions run on a system called “Age on Day”, which means that the age group a swimmer enters is their age on the final day of competition. If a competition runs over several weekends, like the Cheshire County Championships, swimmers enter all events as age on the last day of the whole competition.

In addition to individual age groups, competitions may also be split into Age, Youth and Senior groups. Age is up to 13 for girls and 14 for boys. Youth is from these ages to 17 for females and 18 for males, and Senior is all ages above these.

Swim Meet Programmes

Swimming Meet Programmes are available for sale at swimming event venue, or leisure centre and listing all swimmers in each event in order of seed time, also providing general information about the swimming event.

Good Luck!


Swim Bench | Swim Fast

Why you need a Swim Fast Swim Bench

The Amazing Swim Fast Ergo by Kayak Pro has VARIABLE RESISTANCE SETTINGS

The highly “REACTIVE SWIM BENCH” AND SILKY SMOOTH, DELAY PROOF CATCH OFFERS THE the swimmer the most amazing dry land work possible:

  • ITs a Super Specific swim-action strength building at both higher and lower resistance levels than water-work alone can provide.
  • Full swimmer land Conditioning and training at both higher and lower than water-work frequency / stroke rates, allowing for key stroke strength development.
  • Opportunity to train when time is limited or darkness is a limiting factor, inside and warm.
  • Guaranteed equal resistance on each side, ensuring a symmetrical balanced workout, can be used on pool side:
  • The ability to isolate torso and upper body work, leading to specific strength and endurance gains.
  • Computer monitoring of performance, speed, stroke rate and work output.
  • Full Swim Technique refinement, and enhancement, together with the option to use the Swim Fast Halo Swim System to ensure correct technique replication and improvement.

The amazing “SwimFast from KayakPro is a essential machine

It’s totally customisable, versatile, adjustable, It’s a great way to improve your swimming

Whether you working on your swimming stroke, your  front end catch OR high-elbow entry or a cardio workout.


County Swimming Championships Caps

Silicone Swim Caps | printed

Its soon you will require the swimming caps with your swim club logo on for your local swimming county championships, the swimming events also know as the ASA swimming championships run across the country every year:

Most swimming clubs get a a special swim cap produced for the proceedings of swimming championships the age group county championships run from 9 yrs and up wards.

They are very popular between the ages of 9-15 years old: these championships normally take place with small medals on offer other wise know as the bronze , silver , gold county medal s, some times you do get medals if your in the top six swimmers also:

The medals are on ribbons and these are often split into colour full styles, often swimmers uncertain age groups are put in finals which run at the end of each day:

The finals are fat with the top 6 -8 in the county making it into the final.

Sometimes a cup is produced for swimming and breaking a county swimming record. or even prizes are given out for the best swimmer in an age group:

Sports Event Supplies | Open Water And Triathlon

Looking for Sports Event Supplies for Open Water And Triathlon

The Open Water and Triathlon event calendar in and around the UK has now grown hugely, may people often for the very first time take part in Open Water Swimming Events and Triathlon Events: these are often by complete new to events participants! The Sporting Events are run by companies or charities that are looking to expand funding: Very often the equipment required is specialised its , equipment such as, Open Water Swimming Markers , Custom Swimming Caps , Goodie Event Bags, Swimming Goggles, Inflatable Finish and Start Lines:

We decided to put to gather a special pack of goodies to kick start your Event with a bang, and now drain the pot before love even started!!


Open Water Race Results | 2017

Open Water Swimming Events 2017 | Results

Its been a wonderful year of Open water swimming events here in the UK , and here at Elite Swim Caps we have enjoyed working with many of the big swim companies, such as the BIG SWIM – CORNWALL , The Amphibian Open Water Swim , Yorkshire Water Triathlon 2017 , Perranporth Extreme Surf Triathlon

Open Water Swim Events can be amazing, locations can be found all over the UK for example the Swim Serpentine Event took place on 20th Sept 2017 , an amazing swim venue, and as you can see if you click here it was a fun resultful day!

Open water swimming events and races are not  just restricted to the lakes or inland events, they are often sea swims, such as the Scilly Swim Challenge , this amazing event gets more and more popular every year, Its  SIX swims averaging about 2.5 km and with six walks that are averaging 1.7 km completed as a group or a s a 2  with full safety and logistical support to hand:

Heading back in land and you will find the Eton Swim | with the location at Dorney Lake , in sunny Berkshire ,An amazing Open Water Swimming venue like Dorney Lake is a fantastic challenge for an elite or even a beginner with the event featuring 4 different distances, from 750m up the amazing10k ‘ Know as the swimmers marathon!

Custom Swim Caps Info | Printed

Swimming Caps | Customised info

Many swimming caps are designed for the competitive swimmers in order to reduce long hair drag while swimming in races or just fitness swimming or racing. By creating a nice smooth surface area for the water to flow over,  swimming caps allow all swimmers to move more quickly and fluidly through the water , even slower swimmers than they could without a cap, yes this is really true. This, in turn, improves mobility while swimming  helping you to perform better in competition, fitness swimming and training and fun swimming.

Also in addition to their  super performance benefits, there are many other reasons to wear a  swimming cap. the are defiantly protection, which helps to reduce the damage that chlorine and other pool chemicals may cause to the head.BUT very much so,  unlike shower caps, however, there’s no guarantee that your hair will stay completely dry, but very often it will, and has done many times,.Types of Swimming Cap Material

Swim caps are made from a variety of different materials  . And the  most common are  super silicone, latex, and lycra/spandex, but you may also come across caps made from rubber, neoprene, and polyurethane swim caps..

Silicone Caps

Silicone is one of the most ubiquitous materials used for swimming caps. its the most common swim caps there is 

A Latex Cap

Latex is a far thinner material than silicone. It is also less durable. Latex swim caps rip more easily especially if you do not put them on properly or fail to take proper care of them. Since they are lighter than silicone, latex caps allow for more “breath-ability.”

Swimming caps retaining less heat, these caps may be better suited for warmer climates in which heat loss is not an issue. Latex caps are also generally much cheaper than other types of swim caps. So if you’re looking for a cap that won’t break the bank and durability isn’t a concern, then latex is the way to go.

The Rubber Dubber Caps

The Rubber Dubber is a common elastic material that is made from sticky  latex, from trees. Rubber swimming caps are slightly thicker than their latex counterparts and, because of this, are usually not as stretchy. Similar to latex, rubber swim caps are also light weight and relatively inexpensive. However, if you have a latex allergy, a rubber cap would not be an ideal option due to the fact that it is derived from latex.

Also made from rubber are crepe bubble swim caps. This style of swim cap is particularly well-suited to swimming in colder conditions. Because of its heavy-weight rubber and air bubble insulation, crepe bubble caps hold in heat in order to keep swimmers warm and tend to block water entry better than any other style….The Lycra and Spandex Swimming Caps used by swimming schools

Lycra is a trademarked name for a synthetic fiber commonly known as spandex or elastane. Swimming caps made of spandex are very durable and will typically last for a long time if rinsed of chlorine after every use. Lycra swim caps are known to be very soft and will never catch or pull your hair..out and thats very pain full..

Since Lycra is a fabric, however, these caps will allow water to flow through the material while swimming. A permeable cap material is not as efficient as silicone or latex, but will still reduce drag to a greater extent than wearing no cap at all. Because of this, Lycra swim caps are not ideal for use in  swimming competitions.

They should primarily be used for  swimming practice .Wearing a much  higher resistance cap during practice will actually help, like a dome race cap, you can perform better when wearing your silicone race-day cap. Getting your body accustomed to a higher level of resistance will allow for better performance when it comes to competition, with faster swimming times

Neoprene  Swimming Caps

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, commonly used for wet suit material. Just like wet suits, the purpose of a neoprene swim cap is to keep a thin layer of water close to your body to act as insulation. This makes neoprene caps an excellent choice for people who swim in cold pools, lakes, rivers, or the ocean. You will still need to wear a wet suit though: contrary to the popular myth that 45% of heat loss is through your head, the head actually only accounts for 10% of your body’s surface area.Since they do not efficiently reduce drag, neoprene swim caps are more suited for open-water swimmers and triatheletes than for competition swimmers racing in heated pools. In addition, neoprene caps do not pull hair.

Easy on the head swim caps

Caps made from softer fabrics like Lycra and neoprene won’t pull your hair at all. But, as discussed above, these materials are not the best for reducing drag. If you need to swim with a rubber, silicone, or latex cap for competition, try using baby power, talcum power, or corn starch in the cap while in storage, making it easier to put on without snagging.

Although neoprene and silicone swim caps are very durable, they are a thick material and tend to hold heat. If you’re swimming in a pool that is 80 degrees or warmer, a cap made of a thick material like neoprene can cause your body to overheat quickly. 

Best Swimming Goggles | In Pool

The Best Goggles for Open Water Swimming and Pool Combined
What is the best goggle for all round use, a tricky one!

A very good question, the Goggle production industry is huge, a multi million pound industry, swimmers are very picky when it comes to swimming goggles, most swimmers have preference , but what do we think?

The Vorgee Vortech Swim Goggle

Price: £18

Vorgee Vortech swim goggles

The Vortech Swimming Goggle part of the Vorgee ‘extreme fitness’ range, Brand Vorgee sell the Vortech goggle in a choice of clear or smoked lenses, so you may well opt for the clear goggle if your training in the pool, they do fit very well over a silicone swimming cap.


The clear version which would be fine for overcast days and swimming pool look amazing, and if you’re looking for a budget-priced goggle to use both in the pool and outside, but the Tint lenses are going to be the best bet if your out side: Once the goggles themselves are on they have a nice soft fit, they have a leak proof rubber seal, and with a deep profile and curved lenses, this means that they won’t  touch the eyes when on: The over all quality was good: although the thin straps didn’t seem very strong.

So very nice goggle 8/10

Blue Seventy Hydra Vision Swimming Goggle

Priced around £30

Blueseventy Hydra-Vision goggles

This Hydra – Vision Goggle from Blue Seventy has had a major upgrade: it now has amazing polarised goggle lenses which really help keep the sun out during open water swimming but are also really good for the pool: the general type of these lenses are wide and gently curved, looks and works well for the visibly 

The lenses are wide and gently curved which works well for visibility and their close, shallow fit will aid , the sockets of the goggle are very close to the face, meaning that when tightened up to get a good seal eyelashes  where crushed a little: that feeling of lashes against the eyes is an uncomfortable feeling


Orca Open Water Goggles

Orca 226 swim goggles

The Orca Goggles seem to be the cheapest around but thats due to they Quality which isn’t great..a nice blue lens thats good for the pool: not  a bad open water goggle but not polarised, and with little options.

They do have a good vision and with a nice clear strap not to bad looking. The Adjusting strap is ok but not great, with a cheap quick release part.


Speedo Bio-fuse “womens”

Speedo Futura Biofuse goggles

A specific pair of goggles for women, soft gaskets, suitable for open and indoor sessions:  Specific silicone pair of goggles a very good fit, and well worth the buy: the are polarised and one fits all:

Learn to Swim | ASA

Are you learning to swim?

If your learning to swim then finding a good swim school is a must: it maybe that you are swimming in a small group, which is better, or a larger group, swim schools operate very often on numbers, some times the numbers support the pool costs other times, not; many swim schools have swimming caps with swim school logs and swim goggles are often available:

if your young swimmer is just starting out the 121 swimming lesson is best, an in the water swim teacher will allow great support, then from there allow quick progression, this is an important swimming factor once swimming as a child, the swimming window is open to learn from around 1 yr to 10 , you defiantly continue to learn but the path way is often a little slower;

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