Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Heres a list of what customers are mostly asking US about Customised and Printed Swim Caps!



Yes, we can produce then ship anywhere in the world! often free shipping is available: Shipping Express Worldwide 

Generally its - whats the best cap for our swim team, event , school, or swim school.



Heres a short guide..if your still not certain drop us an email, we will be back to you in a jiffy! Email: US

Latex Swimming Caps

What are Latex Swimming Caps?

A Latex Swimming Cap is a cheap version of the Silicone swim cap, great for events, open water swimming charity events, swim schools, and leisure services that operate swimming pools.

Classic Silicone Swimming Caps

Are Classic Silicone Swim Caps the best?

The silicone swim cap is perfect for the club swimmer, and swimming clubs, school swim teams and and team involved in swimming.

Super Soft Silicone Swimming Caps

Whats the deal with Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps?

These are a cheaper version of the classic silicone - perfect for swim schools, swim teams and swimming lesson programs, the great thing about the super soft silicone swim caps, is..they are super stretchy swim caps, not tight on the head like the classic swim cap.

Can you print more than one colour?

Yes, your options  are as many as 8 colours, its far cheaper to stick to one or two..

Can i get an express Shipment?

Yes, pay an extra 34.90 and we can get your order sorted in as little as 7 days..!

How long do swimming caps last?

This depends on which cap you choose, the latex and super soft dont last as long as the classic silicone swimming cap, the classic cap is slightly tuffer, take extra care with latex and super soft, sharp nails are the main reason swimming caps rip.

Can i get FREE Shipping?

Yes, if your order is over £400

Can you print swimmers names on caps?

Yes we can, this is a time consuming task which there is an extra cost, 0.87p per cap.