The Swimming Cap Company

We are the Swimming Cap Company

We do feel that we are the best Swimming Cap Company to suit your requirements, we can offer a FULL range of swimming cap types from Super Soft Silicone to Classic Silicone.Are you a Swimming School or a Triathlon Club maybe a School Swim Team or a Swimming Club?if so we can help.

Best Mock-Up for a swimming cap

Free Mock-ups from N1 Swimming Cap Company in UK

We do offer a free Mock UP this is a digital mock-up of your chosen colour – Red ,Black ,Yellow any colour you choose – we then take your chosen design and place onto a Swimming Cap – Its important to note that once you do confirm the price with us we then create the logo: and 3d Mock Up.

The Swimming Cap Company

With the Swimming Cap Company that we are we definitely feel we have the quickest turnaround times – swimming events are often held across the country – and sometimes swimming caps are required urgently – we can help. Our Silicone Printed Swimming Caps  Service do come up tops, thats why we do feel we are N1 The Swimming Caps Company. We feel thats right for your Swim Team, School Swim Team – Swim School.


Swimming Clubs in UK

Join a Swim Club in the UK

Swimming in the UK is highly popular, and with thousands of swimming pools around its quite easy to go swimming, learning to swim is an important life skill, and children can start as young as 1yrs old, with many children starting at about 3 or 4 yrs.

The UK has a great selection of swim schools to choose from and many times its not at the normal leisure centre but in a school, or other swimming pool venue, back by very often very good swimming teachers can coaches, usually qualified with the ASA or the STA.

From learning to swim many children move on to swimming clubs, these are affiliated to the ASA { amateur swimming association } these swimming clubs are often a hive of activity with many different age groups, and abilities ranging from improvers to advanced and elite swimming standard.

All over the UK at weekends swimming galas are taking place, from Diddy galas to advanced swimming at county standard and above , from here swimmers get to grips the basics of swimming competitive swimming, and racing!

Swimmers often wear swimming costumes that are know as race suits, these are fina approved, these fina approved costumes are made by Speedo, Arena, TYR,  as well as these types of swimming costumes that our very often expensive, there are swimming caps and goggles, the swimming caps are really important, they keep the hair out of the swimmers eyes, and allow them to swim fast!

A Customised Swimming Cap

Why our Customised Swimming Caps

We offer a wide range of customised swimming caps, our in house printing team are highly skilled, and have a passion for swimming cap creation:
We offer a FREE Swim Cap Mock UP, this is a digital version of how your swim cap will look, it will allow you to get a feel for the look of the cap once its fully produced.

Once orders are placed normal lead time is around 3 weeks but very often much quicker, the most popular swim cap is often the silicone swimming cap.

Silicone swimming caps are used for many reasons, swim schools and swimming clubs, some school swim teams prefer just the super soft version, this type of swimming cap is slightly thinner, and cheaper, this will be fine for young swimmers as its a stretchy swim cap and not so tight on the head:

So which ever cap you choose its always created with expert advice and totally packed and shipped out to you with care.

For more info call us on this FREE-Phone number 0800 020 9549