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In line to government requests to slow the spread of the COVID-19 Virus we will be closing for an initial three weeks as per uk guidelines. We won’t be operating on a normal basis from our offices, however our website remains on – line for inquires – and we will reply to any inquiries via email on a daily basics. At this time order lead times will still remain the same at around 3-4 weeks standard. Once the restrictions are lifted, we will return back to normal and at this time wish you all well and safety.

Customised Swim Caps services


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We have been producing customised swimming caps for over 10 years, our specialist Customised Swimming Caps services are super fast with a 7 day lead time. 

We also offer other custom services such as Bespoke Custom Back Stroke Finish Flags to printed swimming pool and team kit.

Swimming Cap Selection

Here at Elite Swim Caps we offer a fantastic range of Printed Silicone Swimming Caps, we have a full range of options.

Customised Swim Caps

Fully customised swimming caps for schools, swim clubs, along with triathlon clubs.

Super Soft Silicone Caps

Certainly the most popular for swimming event giveaways, they are good high-quality swimming caps. OR they can be the thicker tougher Classic Silicone Swimming Caps.

Dome Race Swim Caps

Dome Race Swimming Caps, the top end of the silicone swimming cap. And don't forget the Polyester Swim Caps

Super Soft Silicone Caps

The Super Soft Silicone Caps are the perfect Swimming Cap for Swim Schools, Open Water or Triathlon Events, or anybody on a budget.The top choice os the Swim School, many events like this cap as its quite long lasting and has the edge on performance.

Latex Swim Caps

Latex Swimming Caps are the ultimate low budget Swimming Cap, we offer the highest quality Latex Swimming Caps. If you are holding a swimming event and require swimming caps then the latex swimming cap could be your best bet.The last around one year, and can be used many times over.

Classic Silicone Caps

The Classic Swimming Cap is the most popular Swimming Cap for Swimming Clubs, and anybody looking for a slightly better, thicker Swimming Cap.It could be said that this is the top choice of Swimming Cap, a 50g cap thats super long lasting, and perfect for every day swimming use.

Seamless Swim Caps

The Seamless cap is a perfect Swim Club cap, its long lasting and has a dome like shape.The Seamless swimming cap is often a useful cap for Swim Teams, its thinner than a Dome cap, this means it s more popular with younger swimmers that are in swim teams or just starting out in competition.

Free Set Up and Mock Ups

Enjoy Some Free Shipping

All orders over 200 Units| shipping offer.

We offer FREE shipping on larger orders. We also have an Express Swimming Caps service of 7 days flat, with our normal lead times as standard around 2-3 weeks.

High Grade Swimming Race Caps

Are looking for Dome Race Caps? We have had some super clients to look after, Moulded Swimming Caps? If you require high spec swimming caps we can turn these around in a 7 day lead time if required!

We Have A Customised Medal Service

Are you looking for Customised Sports Medals? We offer a great Service in Fully Customised Sports Medals. Amazing “Fully Customised Sports Medals”.

Swimming Cap Services

We cover a full range of swimming caps services

Swimming caps fully customised and delivered in 7 days if required, we pride ourselves in turning over your custom swim caps order quickly, customer service is at the forefront of what we do. So if you’re looking for any type of Printed Swimming cap we can help, simply call or email for the best custom swim caps prices.

Are you looking for customised Latex, Silicone, or Polyester custom swim caps services? We offer every type, and not only that we offer a free shipping service on orders over 200, a free set up service, and free mockup service. And, you can find a discount for any repeat orders you may consider!