Super Soft Silicone Caps

The Super Soft Silicone Caps are the perfect Swimming Cap for Swim Schools, Open Water or Triathlon Events, or anybody on a budget.The top choice os the Swim School, many events like this cap as its quite long lasting and has the edge on performance.

Latex Swim Caps

Latex Swimming Caps are the ultimate low budget Swimming Cap, we offer the highest quality Latex Swimming Caps. If you are holding a swimming event and require swimming caps then the latex swimming cap could be your best bet.The last around one year, and can be used many times over.

Classic Silicone Caps

The Classic Swimming Cap is the most popular Swimming Cap for Swimming Clubs, and anybody looking for a slightly better, thicker Swimming Cap.It could be said that this is the top choice of Swimming Cap, a 50g cap thats super long lasting, and perfect for every day swimming use.

Seamless Swim Caps

The Seamless cap is a perfect Swim Club cap, its long lasting and has a dome like shape.The Seamless swimming cap is often a useful cap for Swim Teams, its thinner than a Dome cap, this means it s more popular with younger swimmers that are in swim teams or just starting out in competition.