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Best Swimming Goggles | In Pool

The Best Goggles for Open Water Swimming and Pool Combined
What is the best goggle for all round use, a tricky one!

A very good question, the Goggle production industry is huge, a multi million pound industry, swimmers are very picky when it comes to swimming goggles, most swimmers have preference , but what do we think?

The Vorgee Vortech Swim Goggle

Price: £18

Vorgee Vortech swim goggles

The Vortech Swimming Goggle part of the Vorgee ‘extreme fitness’ range, Brand Vorgee sell the Vortech goggle in a choice of clear or smoked lenses, so you may well opt for the clear goggle if your training in the pool, they do fit very well over a silicone swimming cap.


The clear version which would be fine for overcast days and swimming pool look amazing, and if you’re looking for a budget-priced goggle to use both in the pool and outside, but the Tint lenses are going to be the best bet if your out side: Once the goggles themselves are on they have a nice soft fit, they have a leak proof rubber seal, and with a deep profile and curved lenses, this means that they won’t  touch the eyes when on: The over all quality was good: although the thin straps didn’t seem very strong.

So very nice goggle 8/10

Blue Seventy Hydra Vision Swimming Goggle

Priced around £30

Blueseventy Hydra-Vision goggles

This Hydra – Vision Goggle from Blue Seventy has had a major upgrade: it now has amazing polarised goggle lenses which really help keep the sun out during open water swimming but are also really good for the pool: the general type of these lenses are wide and gently curved, looks and works well for the visibly 

The lenses are wide and gently curved which works well for visibility and their close, shallow fit will aid , the sockets of the goggle are very close to the face, meaning that when tightened up to get a good seal eyelashes  where crushed a little: that feeling of lashes against the eyes is an uncomfortable feeling


Orca Open Water Goggles

Orca 226 swim goggles

The Orca Goggles seem to be the cheapest around but thats due to they Quality which isn’t great..a nice blue lens thats good for the pool: not  a bad open water goggle but not polarised, and with little options.

They do have a good vision and with a nice clear strap not to bad looking. The Adjusting strap is ok but not great, with a cheap quick release part.


Speedo Bio-fuse “womens”

Speedo Futura Biofuse goggles

A specific pair of goggles for women, soft gaskets, suitable for open and indoor sessions:  Specific silicone pair of goggles a very good fit, and well worth the buy: the are polarised and one fits all:

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