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Custom Printed Swim Caps Process

Customized Swimming Caps

Whether you swim for personal fun or for (or with) a team, a customized swim cap is a nice personal touch to put your swim gear a stroke above the rest with a nice competitive edge.

How Fast Can Customized Swimming Caps Be Created?

Depending on where you order your custom cap from, most manufacturers can offer a fairly fast delivery time. Free shipping is available in some cases but can be dependent on purchase amounts. The shipping time can vary but usually is approximately 10 days. The shipping time does not include design and printing time. Print time can be fast depending on the company but can range up to 2-3 weeks for some. Shipping and delivery time might be longer if you order world-wide delivery. You should always request a proof before the caps print to ensure the size of the print or logo is correct and the colors are exact.

What Can I Put on a Customized Swimming Cap?

If you are ordering customized swimming caps for a team, adding in the logo and getting the caps created in your team colours can be easily done. You can add names or numbers for each team member as well. Your design can be on the back or on one or both sides of the cap. Customized caps can also be created for special events such as triathlons or swim meets.Also consider bespoke sports medals that are low cost, great looking medals.

How Much Do Customized Swimming Caps Cost?

Customized swimming caps come in a variety of materials. You can find them in latex, silicone, soft silicone, and pro dome silicone. To get the best swim cap, you should make sure it comes wrinkle-free and shaped properly and high quality. Swimmers always want the best cap with reduced drag and an ergonomic secure fit.

Small MOQ for Swimming Caps Orders

Most manufacturers online are for mass team ordering in large quantities. This is because printing and designing a custom design is costly to set up and they can offer price breaks at certain quantities ordered, usually starting with a minimum of 25 ordered.

It is important to check with the manufacturer that they are able to print single customized swimming caps if you are looking for a personal customized swimming cap and not for a group or team purchase and to get the cost upfront. A single customized cap can start at a little under two dollars for a latex cap. Silicone caps and special materials will cost even more. Free shipping or discounted shipping might not be offered for single item purchase.

Swimming Caps Designs

Some designers charge a set-up fee or screen charges for the order, so make sure to check if there are additional fees besides just the sticker price of the cap. Customized caps are cheaper if you use a one-color logo or design. Four-color printing is usually the maximum amount of colors allotted for printing. Additionally, if you do not have your artwork set up ready to submit, there may be artwork or design fees. Maybe consider custom silicone wristbands also.