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A Selection Of Swimming Caps Samples

Swimming caps | Huge selection of Swim Caps

At Eliteswimcaps we have every swim cap you need, all can be fully customised with your team logo, ink printing is fast onto our swim caps, and our lead time is often as little as 10 days!

Swimming caps come in a huge range of colours, for open water swimming events it’s often something bright that can be the best colour, these caps are important for open water swimming safety  reasons: The long hair swimming cap is certainly also very popular, these swimming caps are extra wide at the back, they have a super soft silicone feel to them, they allow the hair to be bunched up inside, these are very popular swimming caps with teen age girls: the super soft silicone swimming cap can be used for swim schools, schools, learn to swim programs, swimming clubs, open water events and many other events that require a cheaper option swim cap.

As you can see from the swim caps images, the range of colours is vast, and silicone will come in several types: super soft, classic, dome race cap, { thick silicone cap } standard silicone and extra large silicone swim caps also, simply choose your style and colour:


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