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Swimming Training Bench | Swim Fastergometer

Have you started a new year resolution ? are you a swimmer looking to improve your swimming skills and fitness? training for a triathlon or open water swimming event this year 2018? The Swim FastErgometer is the world’s n1 swim bench, and it’s more than just a swim bench.

Swimming training by nature is tough, its full of challenges turns and starts, swimming skill and fitness improvements, aerobic fitness, anaerobic swimming fitness, swim kicking improvement, and general skill and improvements: using the swim fast ergometer is a perfect swim training aid, it can fold up nicely to pop in the corner of your house, room, outside shed.

Some basic swimming sets could be: warm-up, 10 mins mobility, 4x 3 mins on the SF Ergo at a % effort, then rest, and repeat, then try some short swimming sprints! try 30 seconds sprinting, 10x..

Then maybe some short swimming sprints such as 10 strokes fast…

Then simply swim on your Ergo Swim Bench for 10 mins.

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