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Are you into Triathlon!?

Its a tuff sport triathlon, 3 sports or events in one, as most of you know, swimming, biking, running, its a full on pass time, a lot of training to consider, and commitment is really only the best resolve for achieving the best result, help and advice is on hand to find out how to train properly, who to ask is the problem, so many different coaches, and websites all saying different things about how to train properly for TRI.

Very often the weak area athletes have is time, the don’t get enough time to train properly, running at lunch times or swimming often works, with a big run or bike ride at the week end with the chosen club, also very often budding triathletes find it hard to get to grips with swimming, its a highly technical thing swimming, open water swimming is even worst, as very often only the summer is available in the UK to get a little practice..

Some of the best Triathlon Blogs are available to offer help and advice.. somme of these websites are:

Which ever blog you choose its important to remember,

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