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Using Customized and Printed on Swimming Caps

The list of swimmers or swimming sectors that require swimming caps, and swim caps that have or require printing onto is endless, it’s important to note that many swimming setups require them to be printed both sides of the cap, also with a one-color print, but unto 5 different colors sometimes! If your a Swim England Member the chances are you will be involved in some form of the swimming club, swim school, or swimming set up the requires a batch of customised printed swimming caps, and therefore, in that case, please consider using this discount code, on any orders. Art15% is a fixed discount code, that will always be in place, here at Elite Swim Caps. Swim Schools, Swim Clubs, Schools, Private Kids Clubs, or any UK sports club can benefit from the Swim England Shop HERE.

Swim School Best Choice Caps

And any swim school across the UK can benefit from using Super Soft Silicone Caps, super lightweight on little heads, great colors, and super long-lasting!

Why use a swimming cap | or a printed cap

The benefits of wearing a swimming cap run far and wide, it’s noted that the main reason for having a swim cap on the head is to keep the hair out of the eyes during the swimming process, but you can find many other reasons for the use of the custom swimming cap. If fact many countries have a must wear a swimming cap policy before getting into swimming pools, for hygiene reasons. The last thing swimming pool operators want is hair floating around in the pool.

Swimming Caps During Competition

Over the many years swimming has evolved into a great sport, the main reason for this is most people can take part if you can swim and then go onto a swim club, generally starting out first in a swimming lesson program, also know as a learn to swim development program. Once a swimmer is in the swimming club system, or in swim club life, they have given a customised swimming cap, with the swim club logo on, sometimes one colour print, sometimes with multiple colors on. Swimming from young ages around 9 years old take part in swim races, the swimming cap adds a benefit of speed, it keeps hair out the way of eyes, and improves streamlining, it, therefore, aids performance!

Wearing Swimming Caps During Swimming Training

Customised Swim Caps Company
Discounted Customised Swim Caps Services

It’s not only a swimming competition that benefits from swimming caps but swimming training of all levels, elite, all the way down to the young age group swimmer, or even fitness swimmer. Even just a simple push off can aid the swimmer’s performance, and if your wearing a swimming cap during this process then you will go a little further off the swimming pool wall! A masters swimmer will know this, and if asked then we are certain they can help advise!

Swimming Schools and Coloured Swim Caps

Up and down the country and indeed across the world you will find learn to swim schools, these schools have many children taking part in lessons, these lessons often wear color-coded swim caps, the caps represent the levels or level of the swimmer, stages from level 1 all the way up, to levels 2-3 -4 and so on. The Swim School will often have a swim school logo printed on the cap, this cap is pretty much on of the most important swimming promotional items in a swim school program, it allows other people outside if the swim school to know about the swim school, providing the swimmer has it on the head that is! Across the UK you will find services for ALL schools, is a great service. If you are running a school then ofsted has an inspection report format , they rate schools.The Essa schools swimming championships are very soon, these are running in line with schools all over the UK. In addition to the ESSA champs there are also the ISA School;s championships.


Triathlon Clubs Swimming Caps

Up and down the country you will find a great selection of Triathlon clubs, for adults and kids, the swimming cap play an important role in Triathlon Club life, most Tri clubs have a logo, and that logo goes onto swimming caps, this forms the club kit of the club, and the kids also have custom swim caps too. Triathlon events are always requiring the swim caps for the swimming part, the swim section of the Triathlon has water makers and so the race organizer’s can see the swimmers taking part they put them into bright-colored caps, often with the event logo on, and sometimes with number on too, this then also allows the organizers the chance to check people in as they get ready to do the bike part of the race.

Open Water Swimming Events

Following on from the Open Water Swimming part of the Triathlons, the next event then is the Open Water Swimming Event, these events take part all across the world, they are great fun, and are truly popular , they also demand customised swimming caps, for the same reasons that the Triathlons require them, sometimes many thousands of swimmers take part, and some times its only a small few, but either way the bright colored swim cap is the most important, mainly for safety.

What Type of Swimming Cap | Silicone

You will find many different types of Swimming Cap, made from silicone, 22g, 30g, 50g, 60g silicone swim caps, the thin 22-30g silicone cap, or Super Soft Cap is very popular, due to the cost, very cheap, but also very thin, and at risk of ripping, and if they rip they are not much use, thereafter, so they normally get put in the bin. The type of swimmers and companies that use them are normally Swim Schools, Swimming and Triathlon Events, parties, and anybody doing advertising.

50g Silicone Swim Caps

The 50g cap is perfect for swimming clubs, triathlon clubs, schools, and any club or event looking to showcase the logo extra well, these are really well-made caps, and therefore a lot longer lasting, they are much thicker than the 30g cap. Over time this type of super-strong cap has become the most popular, its used for so many different types of swimming, its even a favorite with ice swimmers, its a definite favorite with swim club swimmers as the printing will take place very well, and up to 8 colours can be printed on both sides of the cap!

60g Race Dome Swim Cap

A molded swim cap, normally used at a swimming event for elite swimmers, or at least swimmers that have gained a high level of swimming skill, or speed!

About Silicone for Swimming Caps 

Silicone – what is it? a compound for many products across the world. Its a product for construction, it’s used for constructing products such as kitchen wear, hospital equipment, and swimming caps as you know. Also, know as Silicones, but also known as polysiloxanes in the scientific world, these polymers that include any synthetic man-made compound are made up of many repeating units of siloxane, which is a long chain of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms, these are combined with carbonhydrogen, and sometimes other diverse elements.









Swimming Club Kit | Swim Shop

Swimming Club Kit Supplier

Swimming clubs can be united with swimming club kits. The kits promote comradery with club colors. It maybe you require tracksuits, t-shirts, hoodies, custom swim caps, poolside flags, customized mesh bags. Any of these products and we can supply.

What is included in a swimming club kit?

Swimming club kits can include t-shirts, tracksuits, shorts and other club apparel. The clothing can be customized to match your team colors. You can add your club logo onto the outfits as well.

Club tracksuits are great for promoting club unity before a swim competition begins. Matching t-shirts and shorts can be worn on warmer days. You can then keep the positivity going with matching club swimwear. Club supporters can order and wear club t-shirts to support their members.You may be looking for swimming lessons so contact

You can find custom club swimsuits and custom swimwear for swimming clubs for kits. Custom swimming caps, bags and other accessories like goggles also can be ordered in a kit.

Each piece in the kit can be personalized to include club member names or initials and club logos. Embroidery is also available for personalization. You can also select from various brands and fabrics for your kit.

How much are swimming club kits?

The cost of a kit may vary depending on what is ordered or included. Some manufacturers offer club programs for purchasing and offer discounts and benefits if you sign up. Most manufacturers request that you call them for more accurate pricing and deals. There are programs offered to help raise funds for your club. These programs are designed to help keep costs affordable.

You can purchase bulk apparel for fundraising or selling at club events. Bulk merchandise can be purchased at a discount from many suppliers if ordered in advance.

Suppliers can offer free delivery on special order quantities too. They can even offer price matching and global delivery if needed.

What swimming club kit programs are available?

A swimming club affiliate program can be offered by some kit manufacturers. The affiliate program will give your club its own webpage. The webpage makes it easy for ordering club designed swimwear and apparel. The webpage will be a standard layout for easy design and purchasing. It will then be customized to add your club logo and colors. Your club can even earn a commission from the sales on the webpage.

You can post your club kits list on your webpage. This makes it easier for your club members to purchase the correct supplies and swim kit gear.

Suppliers also offer club galas. The supplier will bring a full traveling swim shop to set up at your swim competitions. Your club will be eligible to earn commissions on the sales from the gala. The gala will host a full range of swim gear.

Where do I find a swimming club kit supplier?

You can find a kit supplier through an online search, just google Elite Swim and you will find US, this is the easiest way to compare prices and shop around our website, we have a price match system, which means just give us your price and we will match it!. You can also check with local swim suppliers to see if they can offer a club kit and any discounts or special additions like a gala or webpage.

Working with a great swimming club kit supplier makes purchasing club gear easy. It unifies your club when they match and boost club morale. Spectators love to contribute to their favorite clubs and sport their gear as well


Custom Printed Swim Caps Process

Customized Swimming Caps

Whether you swim for personal fun or for (or with) a team, a customized swim cap is a nice personal touch to put your swim gear a stroke above the rest with a nice competitive edge.

How Fast Can Customized Swimming Caps Be Created?

Depending on where you order your custom cap from, most manufacturers can offer a fairly fast delivery time. Free shipping is available in some cases, but can be dependent on purchase amounts. The shipping time can vary but usually is approximately 10 days. The shipping time does not include the design and printing time. Print time can be fast depending on the company, but can range up to 2-3 weeks for some. Shipping and delivery time might be longer if you order world-wide delivery. You should always request a proof before the caps print to ensure the size of the print or logo is correct and the colors are exact.

What Can I Put on a Customized Swimming Cap?

If you are ordering customized swimming caps for a team, adding in the logo and getting the caps created in your team colors can be easily done. You can add on names or numbers for each team member as well. Your design can be on the back or on one or both sides of the cap. Customized caps can also be created for special events such as triathlons or swim meets.

How Much Do Customized Swimming Caps Cost?

Customized swimming caps come in a variety of materials. You can find them in latex, silicone, soft silicone, and pro dome silicone. To get the best swim cap, you should make sure it comes wrinkle free and shaped properly and high quality. Swimmers always want the best cap with reduced drag and an ergonomic secure fit.

Small MOQ for Swimming Caps Orders

Most manufacturers online are for mass team ordering in large quantities. This is because printing and designing a custom design is costly to set up and they can offer price breaks at certain quantities ordered, usually starting with a minimum of 25 ordered.

It is important to check with the manufacturer that they are able to print single customized swimming caps if you are looking for a personal customized swimming cap and not for a group or team purchase and to get the cost upfront. A single customized cap can start at a little under two dollars for a latex cap. Silicone caps and special materials will cost even more. Free shipping or discounted shipping might not be offered for a single item purchase.

Swimming Caps Designs

Some designers charge a set-up fee or screen charges for the order, so make sure to check if there are additional fees besides just the sticker price of the cap. Customized caps are cheaper if you use a one color logo or design. Four color printing is usually the maximum amount of colors allotted for printing. Additionally, if you do not have your artwork set up ready to submit, there may be artwork or design fees.

Charity Swim Caps

The 30 Bays in 30 Days begins!

Swimmers and Islanders in Jersey have begun a charity challenge to swim in 30 Bays in 30 Days the official launch of the challenge.The event which saw people take the first of the 30 dips, took place at St Brelade’s Bay.

Those taking part are helping to raise money for Jersey Hospice Care and The National Trustfor Jersey by paying £10 to register for the challenge.

Although they are also encouraged to collect sponsorship, many people took part and simply enjoyed the swimming on the day.

The swimming caps used had been the super soft silicone caps.

The Swimming Cap Company

We are the Swimming Cap Company

We do feel that we are the best Swimming Cap Company to suit your requirements, we can offer a FULL range of swimming cap types from Super Soft Silicone to Classic Silicone.Are you a Swimming School or a Triathlon Club maybe a School Swim Team or a Swimming Club?if so we can help.

Best Mock-Up for a swimming cap

Free Mock-ups from N1 Swimming Cap Company in UK

We do offer a free Mock UP this is a digital mock-up of your chosen colour – Red ,Black ,Yellow any colour you choose – we then take your chosen design and place onto a Swimming Cap – Its important to note that once you do confirm the price with us we then create the logo: and 3d Mock Up.

The Swimming Cap Company

With the Swimming Cap Company that we are we definitely feel we have the quickest turnaround times – swimming events are often held across the country – and sometimes swimming caps are required urgently – we can help. Our Silicone Printed Swimming Caps  Service do come up tops, thats why we do feel we are N1 The Swimming Caps Company. We feel thats right for your Swim Team, School Swim Team – Swim School.


Printed School Swim Caps Service

Looking for Printed Swim Caps for School Swim Team

Are you a school, looking for customised swimming caps printing service for your School Swim Team.

If yes, we are here to help, this silicone swimming cap printing service is high Spec.

We offer the highest Swim Caps Customisation and our caps are perfect for all heads.

Our Swimming Caps customisation service is amazing, we use the highest level of customisation – any swimming cap can be customised on and the logos of your school will look fantastic.

School Swimming Caps Services

We offer a minim order of 25 units swimming caps, often we are the only swim cap provider that can do this! as a school orders more swimming caps the price of the swim team caps is reduced.And if your looking for latex swimming caps for your school we can put together a free swimming caps quotation so that your happy to proceed.

Many schools across the UK do require swimming caps for school swimming galas, it’s a normal process to get swimming caps on kids heads. The swimming caps are soft, they help with streamlining off the wall, and winning races.

School Swim Caps

If a swimmer is new to the school and they enjoy swimming they will often be given a swim cap, we guarantee a great looking swimming cap, strong and long-lasting. Young swimmers can learn the benefit of wearing swimming caps, they are much better than swimming with out.

Custom Schools Swimming Caps

A Printed Customised Swimming Cap for Schools

A school School Swim Team defiantly looks better, more professional with Customised logo swim caps: Silicone in a Classic Super Quality form is the best silicone swimming cap to have as the Super Soft thinner swim caps can look a little to thin. Colours available for printing onto School Swimming Caps are vast.

Swimming Caps printed for Schools

In general any colours can be used: up-to as many as 8 different colours can be applied – however the higher you go up the colour chain IE how many you use: will then increase the pricing of the School Swimming Caps, and therefore its better to use one or two colour print, this keeps the cost down!

Swimming at School with Swim Caps – printed

The school swimming program – or a school swimming program can be very constructive – usually swimming lessons take place at different levels – sometimes a school will be very lucky and have a swimming Pool – this swimming lesson situation is often the case: so if a school hasn’t a pool then the next step to create an environment in which school swimmers can get lessons, and that is a leisure centre swimming pool:

The Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons

Taking your school to the local leisure centre usually means booking them in: Schools usually book swimmers in via the school secatary who calls the centre and gets the lessons booked: during the swimming lessons the children usually have Customised Swimming Caps on = some times supplied by the leisure Centre , but if they can t supply its then down to the School to provide:

Using a Classic Swim Cap for Schools Printing Swimming Caps

If your using a Classic Swimming Cap thats silicone these are normally quite a tough swimming cap, the surface is a little shiny – this gloss really looks nice once printed on, the school logo onto the swim cap sets off a great look, and perfect for swimmers taking part in a swimming competition or swimming gala.


The Latest Printed Swimming Caps

Our Latest Batch Of Printed Swimming Caps

We have been very busy these last few weeks with many orders flying out the door! Silicone Swimming Caps printed – Super Soft Swimming Caps – We use a huge machine to print on hundreds s of SiliconeSwimming Caps – We have been producing Printed Silicone Swimming Caps orders for over 7 years now.

Open Water Swimming Events Printed Swimming Caps

This time of year is definitely the time for Open Water Swimming Events: many swimmers from around the UK take the plunge into. As winter is upon us the swimming will often move into the swimming pool, swimming programs are available and swimming sets with a swim cap are best.


Schools Swimming Cap Orders

We are now starting to produce Schools Printed Swimming Caps Orders – Are you a School looking for Customised Swimming Caps – If you’re

looking for printed swimming caps we can offer fantastic prices: If your School is taking part in the ESSA Schools Swimming Championships OR simply an interclub swimming event we can help.


Open Air Swimming Pools

Do you run a Lido – an outdoor swimming pool: they can be a fantastic place to do your swimming: the fresh air, the water temp will not always be to everybody’s liking – but – if you can get over the first few bits of coldness the swimming can really leave you invigorated!