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Custom With Logo Changing Robe's For Swimmers, Swim Schools , Swim Clubs

Changing Robes & Ponchos

Changing Robes & Ponchos For Swimmers of ALL Ages

Use a Changing Robe - You can change quickly on the poolside, or outside, or simply leave quickly with your robe on.

The cotton changing robe is now a highly popular swimming garment. The changing robe can be created from types of soft cotton, this makes them perfect for swim schools, open water swim clubs, swimming clubs, or everyday swimming use.

If you are operating a swimming club or swim school you now may well find you have no swimming changing rooms, or you have left the poolside policy quickly in place. The changing robe is a perfect club solution

Your Logo On A Custom Changing Robe

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Customised Cotton Towel

Are you looking for a cotton Towel changing robe for your swim club, swim school?

Choose Your Custom Colour

We have a large range of colours, choose a colour and we can add your logo. Add your logo quickly!

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Add Your Logo

Send us your swim school or swim club logo, we can place on either the back or from of the towel.

Custom Cotton Changing Robes

Changing Towels Robes - A Quick Change

If you use a cotton changing robe up its perfect for swimming 
quick-drying micro fiber fabric.
Robes double as doubles as a towel for drying off quickly – including a large hood for drying your hair.

Any style or colour on offer with a full club logo custom service – get your logo  embroidered  onto the robe, across the back, or on the front.

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Custom Waterproof Changing Robe

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QUICK-DRY, And Water Proof

Super Waterproof Style, Windproof if out and about, Nice a Quick Drying.Lightweight and totally versatile.

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Great Selection Of Sizes

We have a great selection of sizes from 99x75cm,115x80cm,124x85cm,140x98cm,but also Customized Sized.

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Super Soft Fleece

The inside of our Custom Robes are lined with high-grade Super Soft Fleece, it looks and feels great.

Team Logo, Club Logo, Water Proof Changing Robes From Just £69.95

Windproof Warm Waterproof Dry Changing Robe's

Buy in bulk our Windproof Warm Waterproof Dry Changing Robes, perfect for Swimming Teams, Swim Schools, Swim Clubs, Open Water Swimming, Surfing, Surf Clubs, Surf Lifesaving Clubs. Triathlon Clubs.

Team Custom Changing Robe

Embroidered logo Services Onto Robe

If you have a Team, Swim School, Swim Club, Open Water Swim Club, or Swimming Company you may require custom waterproof changing robes.

We offer a Bespoke Custom Robe creation service. One pocket, two pockets, or 4, the choice is yours. Branding or no branding you choose.

Custom Changing Robes Specifications

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Custom Branded

Choose your Robe inside.

With our custom robe orders, you can choose from 3 main colours, white, grey or red. Our custom robe fleece is of the highest quality, feel the difference. 

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Water Proof

Looking For a Waterproof Robe?

Looking for a cost-effective water Robe for your team? outside or inside, it is an important essential to get protected from the wind.

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Hooded FlecceTowel

If You Want Warmth Then Our Robe Hoods Can Help!

Feeling the cold? outside, getting out from the sea, or the lake, or maybe your just leaving the pool and entering the elements. You want to stay nice and dry, our custom hoods are super warm. 

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 13.54.42

Team Logo

A-Team Logo On The Robe Back.

Nothing beats a nice  Team Logo across the back of the Changing Robe, your branding or identity can be expertly placed across the back of the Robe.