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County Swimming Championships Caps

Silicone Swim Caps | printed

Its soon you will require the swimming caps with your swim club logo on for your local swimming county championships, the swimming events also know as the ASA swimming championships run across the country every year:

Most swimming clubs get a a special swim cap produced for the proceedings of swimming championships the age group county championships run from 9 yrs and up wards.

They are very popular between the ages of 9-15 years old: these championships normally take place with small medals on offer other wise know as the bronze , silver , gold county medal s, some times you do get medals if your in the top six swimmers also:

The medals are on ribbons and these are often split into colour full styles, often swimmers uncertain age groups are put in finals which run at the end of each day:

The finals are fat with the top 6 -8 in the county making it into the final.

Sometimes a cup is produced for swimming and breaking a county swimming record. or even prizes are given out for the best swimmer in an age group:

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