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Current Printed Swim Caps

Current Printed Swim Caps Orders

We have been very busy lately, the open water and triathlon season is upon us and swim caps are leaving our factory depot as fast as we can produce them. The super soft silicone swimming cap being the top swim cap for customisation. Currently with its low budget cost, and super stretch silicone, its by far the best cap. It fits amazingly on the head, anniversary Custom Swimming Caps are also very popular , heres some we did last week, they came off the press looking great


Major Swimming Events

Major swimming events are also going on, from major junior swimming events such as the european swimming championships to the world swimming championships 2018 Budapest! During the year its often found that many swimming events are taking place with 100s of swimmers taking part, the events are vast, ranging from the women s 50m breaststroke 400m front crawl swim events to the mens 400m freestyle.

Swimming Events

There are also other swimming events taking place at the moment, with open water and charity events at the top of the list heres a few we delivered last week.And once they arrive they where very well received. The swimming caps allow the judges, and people seeing the swim event to track the swimmers in the water safely.Swimming events often have long distances such as the 800m for women and 1500m for men, both these events are front crawl swimming races.