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Custom Polyester Swim Caps

Are you looking for Custom Polyester Swim Caps printed with your logo? if the answer is yes then you can get a wide range from us. We provide an amazing selection of printed Custom Polyester Swim Caps for your swim school or baby school, with a wide range of colours.

Highly Popular With Babies Swim Schools

Polyester Swim Caps are very popular with With Babies Swim Schools, this Polyester fabricated cap is very easy to put on and off without causing any stress to the very small swimmer. They are made from 100% Polyester, this swimming cap is very durable, very soft, and certainly provides enough stretch for even the longest hair.

It’s worth noting that the polyester swim cap will not keep the hair totally dry but will keep it under control and gives an option for branding advertising.

Looking For Latex Swimming Caps

The very well-known latex swimming cap has certainly been around for a very long time. They are low cost and can be customized, this process has a screen printing process.

Latex Versus Silicone Swimming Caps

Although the Latex Swimming Caps are cheap they are now becoming less popular as they don’t last as long as the super-soft silicone swim caps. It’s worth considering a swimming cap called the super-fit swimming cap.

Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps

The now fast becoming Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps are very popular with sporting events such as Triathlons, Open Water Swim Events, Swim Schools as a starting point. They are thinner than the 50g caps and cost a lot less. Almost the same price as Latex caps so the option is to consider them over Latex

What is A Latex Swim Cap Made From?

The Latex Swim Cap is made from a top-quality flexible natural latex and is also lightweight along with being stretchy. It comes in a variety of nice-looking colours, Latex caps will not only have your hair firmly under control but will protect it from the swimming pool chlorine or other pool chemicals, as said above the super-soft cap could well overtake the latex cap at some point soon.


FAQ About Polyester Swim Caps

Q: What is your Polyester Swim Caps MOQ?

A: 60 pieces for our available designs. A private logo could be accepted your swim school logo for example

Q: Can I get a lower price for Polyester Swim Caps if I order large quantities?

A: Yes you can, lower price with larger quantity. 

Q: Can I add or delete Polyester Swim Caps from my order if I change my mind? 

A: Yes, but you need to tell us in plenty of time. If production has been on a starting schedule, it is very hard for us to change.

Q: Can I get Polyester Swim Caps samples?

A: Yes, we would send you a cap sample.

Q: When can you ship my order?

A: Normally 14-16 working days after receiving your payment, we do offer an express order shipment service which is extra.