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customized swimming pool flags

Looking for customized swimming pool flags for your Swimming Pool, Event, Or Swimming Team? We can supply fully customized Swimming Pool Flags.

Printed Custom Swimming Pool Flags

PVC, PE, polyester Swimming Pool Flags

If you have a swimming pool, leisure center, swim training facility, or are you a swimming team looking to showcase your team name around the poolside.

Most swimming pools across the world require swimming flags, the swim pool flags usually across the pool at the 10m from the wall mark are an indication for backstroke swimming that the wall is fast approaching.

In recent years the custom or logo printed poolside flag has become very popular. We can replicate any logo or artwork onto the pool backstroke flag, therefore we offer a full backstroke flag customization service.

Custom Back Stroke Finish Flags Services

Customisable Backstroke Bunting for Leisure Centres, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools.Contact us if you require a quick quote.

Elite Swim Caps has customisable backstroke bunting specifically for swimming pools and leisure centres, these flags come in a range of colours, you can choose from either our standard colour choices or choose a custom colour to match your chosen design, with the option of adding a logo and/or message this may be your facility or swim team logo, We can offer Nylon Pool Flags, Vinyl Backstroke Flags and Backstroke Flag Stanchion Posts made for competitive racing events.

Do you want a bit more information on Backstroke flags? These flags are durable and made to last with a double stitched UV stable header tape, reinforced with twine for extra strength and made from premium grade vinyl, suitable for outdoor use also.

Our generic vinyl flags come in up to 5 alternating colours chosen from our standard vinyl swatch.

Customised colours to match branding.

Custom printing available; customer logos/messages

Custom lengths for any pool size.

Customised Swimming Pool Flag Options

A simple row of customised pool flags can set your club identity off perfectly. Transform your club look, swimming pool club training sessions perfectly, they can give any open meet a great look.

Custom flags are produced with a high res logo, so we require JEPS, or a Tiff, or PDF.

Using customised Swimming Pool Flags will allow swimmers to prep themselves for the race or training turn, strokes per length, and then into the turn.


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Custom Swimming Pool Flag Examples Customisable Backstroke Bunting for Leisure Centres, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools.

Coventry SwimTeam Hornets

Herons Swim Team


Bucks Swim Team

Sordfish Swim Team

Bury Swim Team

NHCC Swim Team