Custom Schools Swimming Caps

A Printed Customised Swimming Cap for Schools

A school School Swim Team defiantly looks better, more professional with Customised logo swim caps: Silicone in a Classic Super Quality form is the best silicone swimming cap to have as the Super Soft thinner swim caps can look a little to thin. Colours available for printing onto School Swimming Caps are vast.

Swimming Caps printed for Schools

In general any colours can be used: up-to as many as 8 different colours can be applied – however the higher you go up the colour chain IE how many you use: will then increase the pricing of the School Swimming Caps, and therefore its better to use one or two colour print, this keeps the cost down!

Swimming at School with Swim Caps – printed

The school swimming program – or a school swimming program can be very constructive – usually swimming lessons take place at different levels – sometimes a school will be very lucky and have a swimming Pool – this swimming lesson situation is often the case: so if a school hasn’t a pool then the next step to create an environment in which school swimmers can get lessons, and that is a leisure centre swimming pool:

The Leisure Centre Swimming Lessons

Taking your school to the local leisure centre usually means booking them in: Schools usually book swimmers in via the school secatary who calls the centre and gets the lessons booked: during the swimming lessons the children usually have Customised Swimming Caps on = some times supplied by the leisure Centre , but if they can t supply its then down to the School to provide:

Using a Classic Swim Cap for Schools Printing Swimming Caps

If your using a Classic Swimming Cap thats silicone these are normally quite a tough swimming cap, the surface is a little shiny – this gloss really looks nice once printed on, the school logo onto the swim cap sets off a great look, and perfect for swimmers taking part in a swimming competition or swimming gala.


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