Customised School Swimming Caps

The School Swimming cap has been at the for front of school swimming for some time now, the most popular silicone swimming cap to date is the Classic Silicone . The swimming cap can be branded with school logos , which is great for any school , wishing to show off its swimming skills.

The ESSA School Swimming Championships

Many schools across the UK take part in the Essa Swimming championships , these are held across the UK every year, we specialise also in the school swimming cap, and have a min order , MOQ of on 25 units. Its important to note that the only cap at this MOQ is the classic swimming cap. The Classic swim cap is however the most popular with schools, its very tough , and long lasting and prints extremely well.

Customised Swim Caps For Schools

We stock most colours for most schools and a print set up is FREE , this can save you Katy least 25.00 on orders, once an order has been agreed then is important to get a 3D image sorted for printing on.

Bethany School Swim Cap

Lead times for school swimming caps

The general production lead times for our printed swimming caps are very short, only a few weeks normally once the mock up is agreed. The process is simple and from the 3d mock up to delivery often as little as 2 weeks. The general lead time for Customised Swimming Caps we offer is extremely fast. Average lead time is 2 weeks , we do offer an Express service.