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We supply custom made low cost swimming open meet medals: if so why not consider popping over to our Bespoke Custom Sports Medals Website 

Find out more about our amazing Bespoke Sports Medal Services

Bespoke Medal Services

With our Bespoke Medal service, you can find a great range of styles. Hope ours to

faq about Bespoke Sports Medals and Bespoke medal services

With a Bespoke Medal, your sports event can really become a memorable event for participants to remember for the rest of their lives. Below you can find a great list of frequently asked questions, and then hope over to our sister ELITE company 

With a What are Bespoke Medals service you get an amazing hand crafted custom Bespoke Medal award.

At Elite Sports Medals you receive a totally free bespoke printed ribbon, totally customised to reflect your event brand.

We have a super fast lead time here at Elite medals, sometime only as long as 3 weeks to complete and deliver.

Yes, Bespoke Medals can be boxed, any medal creation can have a small box if required.

The most popular medals are

A 50mm Cast Bespoke Custom 

A 60mm Cast Bespoke Custom 

A 70mm Cast Bespoke Custom Medal Made To Your Design

Yes, our Bespoke medals can be coloured or you can have them created with No colour.

The best Bespoke Medals company is the company know as

The Min order for Bespoke medals is 25 units, the price drops as the order numbers increase upwards.

The best place to get Bespoke Sports medal is at you can find the best prices for all Bespoke Medal Services.

Wooden Bespoke Medals can be produced, they look great and participants love them:

When you have a Bespoke Medal service you get various  fees to pay: The medal unit cost, the dye fee sometimes, the set up or mould fee of the medal.

At we DONT charge for custom sports medals to be designed, we have an in-house design service.