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Customised Swimming Backstroke Flags

Customised Back stroke finish flags

Allow your swimming club to stand out with printed customised back stroke finish flags, these are great for galas, and training sessions.

So, swimming backstroke and whether you are in a race or simply training, you will need to spot the wall, and finish fast, having back stroke flags is highly important, the risk, particularly for young swimmers, is very high, so the flags are going to be a key factor in stopping well and safe! the backstroke flags are often very colourful, this allows them to seen well, now here at elite swim caps we have fully customised flags for your club, or swimming pool backstroke flags are part of the swimming pool makeup just like the swimming pool blacks, and lane ropes, these days many swimming pools are equipped with amazing high spec swimming pool blocks, these are stainless steel, and fixed to the pool side in a strong way, they have to take the weight of full grown adults, the starting blocks are also sloped and many of them now have adjustable fixings to place your feet on, this allows the track start to take place allowing the swimming to launch off into a stream line dive well, and most older swimmers enter the water around the flags area.

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