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Event Sports Supplies

Event Sports Supplies

With 2017 coming to a close many charity sporting events, open water swimming and triathlon events organisers will be getting ready for the 2018 season, and here at elite swim caps, we can offer the full package! Swimming in the Sea, Swimming in Open water, swimming or entering an event is a lot of fun, and once you enter it is often in

Custom Swim Caps | All Colours Printed | Inflatable Sports Arches| Event Sports Flags | Sports Medals | Customised Branded T-Shirts | Custom Printed Hoodies | Silicone Branded Swimming Caps | Inflatable Water Markers | Any Sports event supplies required

Customised Swimming Caps

Customised Swimming Caps are our specialist product, silicone super soft is the favourite cap as its lightweight and cheap for the event, any colour can be branded on, open water swimming markers are also available from us and we can brand with any logo on.. the open water markers are PVC this makes them highly long-lasting for years to come, why not set your event off with a bang at the start of the event, with a customised event arch, we can supply either 1 or 2 start and finish lines with a discount on the x 2 of 10% these are fantastic looking and perfect for open water swimming events, triathlon events, and surf lifesaving events, we also offer a great range of sports medals and awards perfect for anybody finishing the race!

Sports Flags

Sporting Event flags are also very popular, these can be also fully customised to suit your requirements: and these also look great on the finish line, start line, and other areas such as the lakeside or beaches, we can fully brand them to suit your requirements: Discounts for events kit

Enter  Charity swimming events

Charity sporting events are often in need of sporting events supplies, they are important for events branding, often we give discounts on multiple product orders, these help you save money and are truly worthwhile: very often its a discount code giving you as much as 20% off your total order, USE DISCOUNT Code + 20% discounted, this may be on custom swimming caps.

Sports events in the UK 2019

You will find many sporting events, across the uk during 2019, swimming events and land events, training for these events is the hardest part, very often the events are long-distance, the longer distance events are tricky to train for but its all down to simply making an effort,. You may need to train in a 50m swimming pool, the big so-called Olympic swimming pools are the best place to work on longer distance swimming events, and training.