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We have a huge range of swimming Awards | Medals

Medals fro swimming clubs, triathlon clubs, open water swim clubs, surf lifesaving clubs and more…

There is certainly at least 7 types and classes of medals, not just sporting medals

1. Sorts OF Awards: A medal may be awarded to a person/any age or organisation as a form of  total recognition for sporting, military, scientific, cultural, academic, or various other achievements, these maybe high or low success ..

Yes, we are in a position to offer sports medals, and a great range of medals, from sand blasted smooth sports medals to simple sports medals with amazing looking ribbons, and customised ribbons for clubs, event and more…

Swimming clubs will often hold open meets, swimming events, county asa swimming championships, swim meets for young swimmers , open water swimming events and event bi athlons , these events are always in need of a nice looking sports medal, we can offer a full range:

Most young athletes that compete would like a medal, a nice looking sporting medal is what most athletes are looking for, 1 st 2nd and 3rd winning medals are best but if you can’t get any of those places then you may consider a medal for a top 8 position, this will also go down very well.. if your club is looking to reward its athletes for taking part in a open swim meet then an award of sorts is important!

Ribbions for medals:

What an amazing range of ribbons are available for your sports medal, these come in a wide range of styles, silk sports medal ribbons are the nice smooth looking medals you find at many sports events, these are great looking often with the brand or club or swimming meet writing on, in bright colours..


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