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How to put your swimming cap on?

A big question is how do i put a swim cap on? are you putting a silicone cap on or a latex swimming cap? it maybe a polyester swimming cap, a soft cloth cap, start buy slowly pulling at the cap apart to the side, try your best to do this slowly, they don’t rip that easy but its worth remembering to take your time, latex swimming caps are more likely to rip, the silicone classic caps are munch stronger.

Once you have pulled the swimming cap apart then place the first part of the cap on your forehead, from here then lightly press back over your head, this will allow you to pull the sides down, this will allow a snug fit over your head, the problem you may have is that swimmers with long hair may find this process tricky, its best to tuck the air up along the sides, this will really help keep the cap neat and un ruffled!

For more info checkout the info from US Masters, really help full!


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