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Different ways to put a Swim Cap on!

12 different ways to pop a swim cap on your head!!

Putting a swimming cap on can be a little tricky, they are stretchy, this makes them a risky little thing for placing on the head, if your in a swim team, swim meet, swimming competition and late up for the starting block it can be really tricky to get on quickly!

Placing the cap on slowly is the best way, then as the swim cap mould s around you head speed up the whole process , you can sort the last little bits out as you get ready to place your goggles on, from here you should be ready to go!

This basic tip can be applied to almost all types of swimming caps, Super Soft Silicone, Classic Silicone, Dome Race Swim Caps, All caps that can be used in swimming training and swim meets..

12 ways to put a swimming cap on!


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