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Open Water Swimming Event Markers

Running an open water swimming event in 2018?

If your a charity, swimming club, open water swim club, sporting events specialise, swim event organiser and require all the supplies for open water swimming races then we can help. An open water swimming marker is very important when it comes to swim races. As swimmers swim out to each part of the race the markers are perfect for helping map the swimming route.

Services for open water swimming events

We offer a full spec 3d mock up of your marker, we can supply any marker shape or size, open water swimming markers are highly important for marking out the swimming course and route,.

Swimming support team.

Often a small boat support team will also take the swimmers round to safety,the open water markers are made with tuff PVC very often the best option, the are fixed to the bottom of the sea, or lake, we offer full customisation for your markers, they stand out with many colours on offer, these are double Stitched this is important.