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Open Water Swimming Events 2017

Open Water Swimming Events | UK 2017

Are you looking an Open Water Swimming Event this summer, or Autumn, if so then the UK and in fact Europe has some amazing events on offer, choosing an open water swimming event can be tricky, there are lakes, and rivers along with the sea to consider: Many open water events have a good set up, they are well run and safety staff are on hand to make certain your swim goes well>

Whats the average distances?

The average distances of Open Water Swimming Events can range from a simple 400m to a whopping 10K, and so depending on your ability and swimming fitness a whole selection of swims is available.

Whats the best food to eat before a Swimming Event?

Basically, you don’t need much, Swim Cap { normally a custom swim cap is provided }  Swim Goggles, maybe best to have an Open Water pair of swimming goggles, but the choice is yours, a good swimming costume: and Tri or Open Water wetsuit will be required, but providing the event rules say other wise then the choice will be yours, some swimmers like a small amount of vaseline on the back of the neck, to stop rubbing:

Whats the best food to eat before a Swimming Event?

What shall I eat before my race? generally a very good question, you really don’t want to over load on the morning of your swim, foods such as porridge, or any low energy release cereal are best, some toast, with jams, or banana really are all you should consider, definitely no big fry ups! And plenty of hydration, water small amounts of fruit juices are best!

Carbo Loading before a Swim Event

What is it? Carbo Loading is basically starving your body of Carbohydrates, a few days out from a race or event then, 36 hours before hand begin eating them again in high volume: the body will respond by taking on board these foods quickly and this will saturate the muscles for your event:

Where can I find Open Water Swimming Events and Races? 2017

A list of open water swimming events can be found HERE: At

Need Custom Swimming Caps for your Event?

A 7 Day Custom Print Lead Time { Express Service }

Custom Swim Caps 7 Days | if you require swimming caps for your events:

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