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Open Water Swimming Events 2017

Find an Open Water Swimming Event


We are fully into 2017 summer open water swimming events now, are you taking part or running an open water event? there are many websites offering advice and open water event info: is one website that’s really useful, they offer advice and have listings for open water events, upcoming and results, another really good website that offers open water swimming advice is the Open Water Swimming Society

They also offer articles on swimming open water and have 2 open water swims:

Epic Swims are quite well known for great Open Water Swim Events, they do host many events inclining triathlon events, Open Water Swimming Events and more, finding a great open water swimming event isn’t difficult, very often it’s the training for an event that swimmers struggle with, training is tricky as many swimmers find it hard to get in the sea early spring, training in a pool is the only option.

Your open water swimming can be effected by the sea surface, if its blowing a slight wind this can effect the choppiness of the water surface, even a one foot chop can mean its difficult to swim, swimming with small chops of water over your head and face can be hard going,m the water may get into you mouth, this really causes a problem, after a while your swimming direction may be a problem, sighting can then be a problem, and when it comes to living your head out the water then from there tiredness sets in, the sea is the worst place for this, and small lakes are the next place for choppy water , exposure to the wind can make open water swimming events hard going.