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Advice for Swimming Parents
Swimming is a life sport, at is, it literally can save lives, learning to swim from a very young age is a must.
Across the UK many children are not that fortunate in that they don’t have easy access to school swimming programs, therefore, may never learn to swim well, or until they reach adulthood, the sad fact is some may never learn.
If you lucky enough to undertake swimming lessons after school, in an after-school swim school, then you stand a very high chance of learning to swim before the age of 5,via swim school levels of abilities, small groups graded by swimming ability { very often an ASA swimming program } Amateur Swimming Association – the ASA have a swimming awards scheme- general levels are 1-7 by the time a swimmer gets to level 7 they so be a very good level of swimming skill, and ability, very often these levels are laid out by wearing a customised swimming cap.
From these many swim schools, often swimmers then can progress into “swimming clubs” the competitive world of swimming.
” What Are Swimming Clubs?
What should know?
The swim club is acutely an independent club most free from a company chain, such as a leisure centre operator.
In a swimming club you will have many volunteers, sometimes even the head coach will do this role for free, but many are paid, the swimming club will develop young swimmers on further, into levels of swimming standards such as county standard, regional standard or national age group standard, all 3 levels of swimming ability will have qualifying times, these can be gained over the year from other smaller swimming competitions..
Top tips for the swimming parent.
Land training is good, very good – use the gym and try other sports which strengthen young bodies, you may also consider a Swim Fast Bench! Click HERE
Don’t try to coach your child, leave it to the experienced coach, the temptation is high but try to resist, this could well under mind the relationship between their coaches.
Support the child’s decisions, they really do need to compete often, and you may have to invest time and effort to get your swimmer to meets and competitions.
Be supportive at swimming events, and give plenty of support and put down their swimming achievements, 1st or last simply be supportive!
In general, swimming is a demanding sport, for more info check out the Amateur Swimming Association – the ASA for more info.

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