Dear ALL “Please note” ,certain swim cap orders are subject to new discounts, please inquire to find out more! We offer a swimming club, Triathlon, and swim school discount on repeat order.

If you are a leisure operator we offer a trade account, please do drop us a line to enquire, we can supply up to 100,0000 units.

Super Soft Silicone Cap

Cap Quantity25-4950-99100-199200-299300+
1 Colour Logo£4.82£3.88£2.88£2.32£2.10
2 Colour Logo£6.52£4.96£3.58£2.94£2.56
3 Colour Logo£8.22£6.60£4.42£3.58£3.02
4 Colour Logo£9.94£7.14£5.20£4.20£3.50
5 Colour Logo£11.64£8.22£5.98£4.82£3.88

Classic Silicone Cap

Cap Quantity25-4950-99100-199200-299300+
1 Colour Logo£5.58£4.66£3.64£3.10£2.88
2 Colour Logo£7.30£5.78£4.42£3.72£2.60
3 Colour Logo£9.00£6.82£5.20£4.34£3.80
4 Colour Logo£10.72£7.92£5.90£4.96£4.26
5 Colour Logo£12.42£9.00£6.76£5.58£4.74

Seamless Silicone

Cap Quantity25-4950-99100-199200-299300+
1 Colour Logo£6.60£5.12£4.12£3.58£3.34
2 Colour Logo£7.76£6.20£4.88£4.28£3.72
3 Colour Logo£9.90£7.30£5.64£4.80£4.26
4 Colour Logo£11.18£8.38£6.42£5.44£4.74
5 Colour Logo£12.88£9.46£7.22£6.06£5.20

Dome Race swim Caps

Cap Quantity25-4950-99100-199200-299300+
1 Colour Logo£7.60£6.68£7.22£5.12£4.88
2 Colour Logo£9.20£7.60£8.00£5.80£5.36
3 Colour Logo£12.40£10.80£10.32£8.22£8.12
4 Colour Logo£15.52£13.96£13.42£11.12£11.10