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Running a Swimming Club in the UK

Are You A Swimming Club

We offer a Printed Swimming Caps, Service. Running a Swimming Club in the UK? it can be a world of fun, but it is very tricky to balance out the fun, with a serious face, the levels of swimming can be high, running a huge club is even a bigger problem:

Age group swimming in the UK has now become highly competitive and with high standards it high to reach NQ { National Qualifying Times } in a swimming club environment there are many factors to take into account:


Factors in running a swimming club

1. Has the club a good development program

2. Has the club a good level of coaching

3. Are ALL swimmers at whatever level getting enough pool time

4. Is the club working closely with the ASA

5.Are there enough helpers!?

Are you looking for a swimming club in your local area, if so try the ASA Find A Club, They have an amazing selection of swimming clubs:

Simply Click HERE

Swim Mark Accreditation

Whats swim-mark accreditation?

This is Swim England’s recognized marker for the development of effective and very sustainable affiliated swimming clubs, which is available to swimming clubs across water aquatic sports here in the UK:

You can find out more info HERE

Raising money for your club.

Raise Money For your club raising money for your swimming club is extremely important, and crucial for your development, Sport England and County Sports Partnership Programmes will allow swimming clubs to grow in strength regardless of there size:

Support your Clubs Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of swimming clubs, they add amazing value to the whole structure of the club, you can find out much more info HERE

Whichever route you take growing your swimming club, help is at hand from the ASA… MORE info HERE