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School Kit | School Uniform

Printed Swim Caps | School Uniform

Most schools in the UK schools structure will have a school uniform, its important for school children to have some form of school identity, this clearly defines there school structure and school identity: Schools often have a smart uniform, and school shirt, school blazer, school trousers, school games kit, and very often a schools kit bag, or bags, many schools have a school team strip, i.e. this may be a schools rugby team strip, school football team kit, schools hockey or netball team kit, and schools swimming team kit, this maybe simply in the form of swimming costume, customised and printed logo school swimming cap, school swim team tracksuit, or it maybe that the school simply has a school costume with logo on for identity.

Schools often have a colour code for school uniform, or kit, school kit in green, blue, or school uni form in black, many colours and styles take place , the school uniform often has an embroider to put a logo on, this maybe a company that deals with the sublimation of school kit and general uniform:

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