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School Swimming Lesson Structure

Following a School Lesson Program | Using Swim Caps
Is your school following a learn to swim program? using printed swimming caps with school logo on? colour coded swim caps so that your teachers can keep track of lesson standards, this may also be via the ASA Learn to Swim Program, following the ASA ” Swim England ” program where a team of teachers maybe qualified with the full governing body:
A best possible set up for your school swimming lessons is to simply run a weekly lesson from one term to the next, due to other school commitments it may not always be possible to run your lessons all year round, most schools don’t have the use of there own swimming pool, so swimming lessons are down to where the children have a swimming lesson at a leisure centre.
If a school is lucky enough to its own swimming pool then small group sizes are not an option , due to the amount children in school bigger swim lesson classes are often the case, if a school is lucky enough to have its own pool then a selection of swimming training aids such as swimming kick boards , woggles , arm bands are usually stored ready for use, and again many of the groups will require printed swimming caps for grading the pupils in each group.
It may be a requirement to check your school swimming structure with Ofsted
Swimming Games to Play at School
Even though swimming development of all strokes is highly important having fun is really important too, below is a small selection of games for you to try at school during your swimming lessons:
  1. Synchronised Swimming Skills
Basic sculling is highly important for young swimmers to develop , sculling on the back , head first or feet first , sculling can be refined , and once the basics are in place then more advanced sculling movements can follow.. in fact elite swimmers even take part in sculling drills to refine the speed of all swimming strokes.
    2. Under Water Swimming Practice
Under water swimming skills are also important , swimming through underwater hoops can be great fun for swimmers at school, during a school swimming lesson, if the young or weak swimmer can’t get down then it would be wise to only submerge the hoop slightly , that way its only the face that goes under!
  3. Pushing and Gilding Practice
Its a very simple swimming skill but a very valuable skill , a stream line body position and then push! these can be achieved on the back, or on the front! from simple push and guide practice a teacher could then simply do a forwards roll, and then backwards roll.!
 4. Mini Water Polo Fun
Add water and a ball and you generally have a lot of happy kids, the mini water match can be played in even the smallest area, and rules can be as relaxed as you like, you may consider 2 coloured swim caps, to split your school teams up!

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