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Silicone Swim Caps Customised

Before and After Customised Silicone Swim Cap

What’s the process of creating amazing customised swimming caps for the UK s Swimming Clubs and Swim Schools, and not to mention the Swimming Events, Schools Swimming Events, and Sporting Swimming Events, Triathlons and many more..

Finding the Correct Silicone Swimming Cap

The Correct Silicone Swim Cap for your Club Or School is often not that simple, but don’t worry we are happy to help discuss – most Schools, for example, go for a Super Soft Silicone swimming Cap: this will truly keep your budget in check, its not easy to find a great price and maintain the swimming caps quality but with our super soft silicone cap s we can certainly help: We guarantee really good quality with our caps also:

Classic Silicone Swim Caps

The Classic Swimming Cap is a Classic Silicone Swim Cap, perfect for Swimming Clubs, these are really tough compared to the Super Soft Silicone Swimming Caps, they are much thicker: they really last much longer: and have a shine to them:

Here below is an example of the Classic Silicone Cap, taken from the Simple 3D mock-up to the finished product, a one colour print.

Silicone Customised

Elite Swimming