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Simply Customised Swimming Caps

Simply Printed Swim Caps

We have all types of swimming caps available for your requirements, we simply customise all swim caps with multiple colours, the main construction of most swimming caps is that of Silicone, its a highly versatile material and can be folded into many different types of swim cap.

Various Types of Swimming Cap

From Classic Silicone Cap s to Super Soft , a very cheap and low budget swimming cap thats very popular with Swim Schools, Schools , Open Water Events and Triathlons, the Classic  Swim Cap is much stronger with variations such as the Seamless Swim Cap  to the Dome Race Cap, these caps can be customised with up to 6 different colours, but will defiantly be a cost-effective cap if you stick to one colour only.

Using a Swimming Cap for Fitness

Many swimmers have used swimming caps for swim fitness sessions for a long time, the swim cap will certainly protect the hair from the chlorine thats put into swimming pools to keep it clean from germs, if you’re a fitness swimmer you don’t really want to have long hair in your face during front crawl breathing.

Keeping your Swim Cap Clean

When your not swimming its a good thing to keep your swimming cap dusted in a light showering of talcum powder, this stops it from getting crusty and drying out, the swimming cap in general, whatever material has a short lifespan so look after them.


Budget Silicone Swim Caps

Eliteswimcaps .com Silicone printed

Using Swimming Caps For Open Water Swimming

Many swimmers around the world prefer swimming in Open Water, they prefer open expanse of the sea or lakes, or rivers, the Open Water Swimmer often prefer the Classic Silicone Swim Caps, they are a little warmer on the head than the Super Soft Silicone Swim Cap, there is a swim cap for Open Water Swimmers called the Warm Wear Swim Cap produced by the swimming company TYR, these are very bright and very warm on the head.





Using swimming Caps at Swimming Schools

Learning to swim is a highly important skill to learn, the risk of drowning is high, the ASA offers amazing advice with regards to water safety . 

Silicone Swim Caps

Swim lessons in most swimming schools use swim caps are worn, a range of head sizes have to be catered for, swimming schools often have custom printed logos, of the swim school, they often require a range of colours.

Swimming Lesson Info

In swimming lessons all swim strokes are learned, the Front Crawl and Back Stroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke, these strokes can often take a long time to learn, the Butterfly swimming Stroke is often the most difficult to learn, also the Breast Stroke is a very difficult stroke to learn due to the leg kick.




Swimming Tips

Get some amazing swimming tips for all swimmers. Swimming with fins and drill work, swimming with hand paddles, swimming in open water, swim sets in the sea. Here you will find lots of swimming tips, check in weekly, and while you may be here drop us a line if you require customised swim caps.