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Starting the NEW Swimming Season

New September Swimming Season | Info

Best info on the new 2017 competitive swim season:

The Summer is now winding up somewhat, the start of another season of competitive age group swimming is no under way:

What swim training equipment is required?

Swimmers will require custom printed swim caps for swimming competitions , these are normally silicone swimming caps:

Good pair of swimming goggles, for racing and in fact for simply swimming training.

A nice shaped swimming kick board for training sets and kicking warm up sets.

A swim pull bouy , these are important for pulling sets, swimming pulling sets, and sculling drills.

Swimming Hand Paddles

A Swim Kit Bag

A good swim training kit back is important, water resistant training pockets are key, these will keep clothing dry!

Swim Training Finger Paddles

Perfect little swim training paddles for the front end of any stroke, the swim catch phase is a highly important part of the stroke:

Swim Training Snorkel

The front end training snorkel is perfect for swimming training drills, the snorkel allow the swimmer to keep an eye on the front end of strokes for longer!

Swim Training Fins

The small swimming training fin is highly important for swim drills, swimming improvements can be made on a large scale with swim training fins, they allow swimming skill and skills to take place with minimal efforts, this then allows a better energy level for the swimmer:




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