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Swim England Institute of Swimming Coronavirus (Covid~19)

Are you running a Swim School, Swim Club, Swimming Lessons and require information about C19 for your swimming rules and regulations? Below you can find Swim England Institute of Swimming Coronavirus (Covid~19) detailed information and frequently asked questions about what to do with C19.

C19 Information For Swim Schools, Swim Clubs and Swimming Lessons.

The C19 FAQs below are based on the latest guidance that is provided by the Government. Any NEW FAQs will be published on this page as soon as we see them, or we will create links to the Swim England Website for you to review.

Can School Swimming Lessons Resume?

Any organized swimming lessons such as schools swim schools, swimming clubs can resume for all pupils who have returned to face-to-face learning from 8 March 2021. Its general Schools particularly without their own swimming pool can set up and or travel to use available external swimming pool facilities for these lessons as long as in line with government guidance.

Can spectators watch swimming lessons?

The answer is yes, swimming lesson spectators will certainly be allowed from 17 May 2021 to watch swimming lessons. This will be subject to the general capacity limits at the respective swimming pool facility. All spectators should really abide by the group limits in place at the time.

Currently the rule is this does not apply to any carers for people with certain disabilities, or any adults needed to supervise the under 18s in a general safeguarding role.

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Swim Schools & Swimming Clubs Returning to Pools Guidance Documents

The governing body of Swimming known as Swim England has published a comprehensive “Return to Pools Guidance Pack ” which you can access by visiting there website.

Constructive documentations are detailed with documents created based on the latest scientific advice to date along with Government guidelines. Swim England will soon update these as and when required whenever the UK government updates its own C19 sports guidance for indoor facilities such as swimming pools.

If you are running a Swimming Club or School please do look at some of the frequently asked questions by using this article or by going to Swim England’s main information pages.


The Swim England C19 guidance information includes a solid collection of recommendations for swimming clubs and swim schools, along with community swimming,general school swimming, private and leisure centre swimming lessons, swimming pool users and important specific details for the return to competitive training and any matches for water polo clubs.

Also, in general the Government has issued guidance for Providers of grassroots sport such as swimming clubs and swim schools and leisure facilities”. It’s important that Providers of aquatic activity should review this alongside the Swim England guidance packs and information.


I(f you require more information from swim England then you can get in touch with them here. [email protected]