Swim Fast Ergo Swim Bench

What is the Swim Fast Ergo

The Swimfast Ergo is an amazing swim bench for all swimmers!

What is a swim bench? The swim bench originated quite some time ago: strength training and conditioning is a fantastic way outside of the pool, but now Kayak Pro has taken it to another level, the Swim Fast Ergo is quite possibly the most advanced Swim Bench in the World!


“The SwimFast Ergo is quite possibly the most advanced swim bench in the world” 

The Swim Fast is totally amazing – You can see the main UK distributor website here>

Specific swimming actions can be achieved, while building strength, with high and low resistance levels available

Totally open the opportunity to training around the clock

50% resistance on both sides.

Full torso isolation

Build amazing swimming  speed, performance while improving stroke rate in a controlled environment:




The Swim Fast Halo Template

Your AMAZING  SwimFast Ergo can be fitted with a patented Halo| swim trainer template, in collaboration with our good friends at Halo Trainer.

The Swim Fast Halo ™ Template ensures that the athlete uses a High elbow catch (sometimes called EVF – early vertical forearm) this is a highly important part of swimming strokes if its not in place then stroke rate and stroke count per length can be greatly affected:

This is a crucial technique for middle and long-distance freestyle swimming. For maximum training effect, It is critically important that when swim training the arm and shoulder action replicates as closely as possible the arm and shoulder action used in the water

We highly recommend that this accessory is used to maximize the benefit of your SwimFast Ergo

Here is how the Swim Fast Halo Template works

  • Place the Halo template in the provided brackets under the SwimFast Ergo
  • Simply adjust the template so the rim is just inside where your triceps meet your elbow when your arm is fully extended entering the water.
  • Use the template to help you set-up the “Catch” stroke phase each and every freestyle stroke, or intact butterfly or breaststroke.
  • For understanding and executing this single technique, improvement will complement the strength, and swim specific endurance you will gain training on the SwimFast Ergo.
  • The Swim Fast Halo™ trainer template comes in 6 different sizes to accommodate differing arm lengths and shoulder widths of individual athletes.
  • This customization allows the best replication of correct stroke and stroke rate.