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Swim Resistance Bands Trade Or Team Orders

Are you looking to buy Swim Resistance Bands, we have a MOQ of 10 units for swim teams.

Swim Resistance Bands

Adjustable Swim Training Belts,Swim Resistance Bands For For Adult or Jnr age group swimmers.

Band Material: Latex
Colour: Yellow
Size: Length: 4M
Resistance band inner diameter: 6MM, outer diameter: 9MM
Black belt, length 1.2M, adjustment range is about 55cm-105cm
Net weight: 240g

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Adjustable Swim Training Belts

The Adjustable Swim Training belts are perfect for the club swimmer but also swimming at home i a smaller pool. True resistance can be gained.We offer a MOQ of 10 ordering system.If you are a club coach these are a perfect training aid for all levels of swimmer.