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Find Swimming Clubs in UK

In the uk we have many thousand swimming clubs, about 6,000 at a last count, these swimming clubs are full of young swimmers, all wishing to be the next like phelps, and win an olympic gold! From about 8yrs old its possible to join swimming clubs, usually from swim school, these swimmers are already quite good at swimming, they are full of energy for swimming the many lengths required for winning races, these swimming clubs around the uk are run very often by volunteers who do an outstanding job, the team kit organiser would helps look after the kit, i.e. swimming track suits, swimming caps, logo swim club bags and other swimming training kit such as swimming goggles and training aids like swim pull boys, and kick boards are all also very popular and run by unpaid workers, staff , swimming parents alike! for more info on how to find a swimming club then try HERE 

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