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Swimming Clubs Kit Suppliers

Looking for Swimming Club Kit UK Clubs

Swimming Club Kit Requirements

Is your UK swimming club requiring NEW kit, Swimming Caps, Tracksuits or even fully customised T-shirts, it may be that your club is holding an event, such as an Open Water Swimming Event, these events do demand customised swimming caps, silicone is the most popular, the super-soft silicone swim cap is the most popular for events and swim schools, with the classic swimming silicone swim cap the second-best most popular.

Silicone Swimming Caps V Latex Swim Caps

The Latex Swimming Cap is fast becoming a very rough cheap swimming cap, they are the last resort in the world of customised swimming caps, however, they do serve a good use, they are ok for very low budget swimming caps orders, with the next best swim caps for customisation being the super-soft silicone swimming cap, these are very stretchy and great if you’re looking for a swim cap that fits all about a

Printedswimcaps siliconce

Elite Swim Caps .com

Customised Drinking Bottles

We do offer a fully customised drinks bottle service, these branded swimming bottle service we offer is around a minus order of 50 units, the printing is tricky to implement, its usually a one colour print you can inquire for more details..

Swimming Floats for Swim Clubs

Are you looking for a swimming float order for your swim club, and if so then you may require a pull buoy and swim kickboard order, we can service all your requirements with these floats.

Swimming Kit Bags

We can fully customise swimming kit bags, these can be a choice of colours if you wish, your swimming club colours and logo can be applied. The bags are waterproofed, they can have multiple swimming pockets. Or it maybe you’re looking for microfibre robes, these can be fully customised.