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Swimming Pools Vs Open Water

Whats best, out doors swimming, or in doors!?

Taking part in an Open Water Swimming Event? or happy to swim inside all year round? An Open Water Swim Event can be a bag of fun, or event simply swimming in the sea or lake especially during the summer can be so much fun, open water swimming events are run all year round, very few in the dead of winter though, indoor swimming is much , much safer, less chance of dirty water, getting washed out to sea, or getting tangled up in all sorts of stuff that can be left in rivers and seas, might just even be sea weed!

In most UK swimming pools you will find a great level of cleanish facilities, pool showers , pool sides, and surrounding areas are normally cleaned and checked out by leisure centre staff, most swimming pools are lined off during swimming sessions at some point, swimming pools often have a swim fit session, these are great for fitness, and often take place during lunch time breaks, some are run during the tea time , just after swimmers finish work.

As the warm weather arrives its nice to get out into open water to swim, some swimmers wear wet suits, these are often very thin as not to restrict movements of swimming, plenty of in line company sell them such as and the trip season has just began and many swimmers take part in these open water events also, the need for a swim cap – that sometimes customised with the event on is often really high, silicone swimming caps are often used, super soft silicone swim caps can be used , and are most popular as they are cheap, and easy to pop on the head.

During swimming training for triathlons or in fact any swimming events swimming caps are often used, some swimmers perfect a shaved head, but many simply just have a silicone or latex swim cap.

After swimming in event the swimmer is often then starting to fell the pressure, weather its an open water event of a triathlon event the finish line is most defiantly on the mind, long swims such as a mile or two are often normal, some swims are even longer, these can be in the form of a straight line race or a circuit , round in a square will demand water safety markers, these guide the swimmer around the course, and up on the the finish line, where often a large crowd will be waiting to cheer the participant back to dry land!