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Swimming School Lessons

Swimming School Structure| Printed Swimming Caps

In most UK schools some form of swimming activity is taking place, children often go swimming within there school lesson structure, often leaving school for a few hours per week to pop done to the local leisure centre, this school swimming lesson program is often very constructive, however many school teachers will agree that these aren’t long enough, and very often only last 6-8 weeks of the year, this is often due to school budgets and logistics of getting to the pool.

Swimming School Team Bus

Often a bus has to be hired, and then a walk to the pool, all this takes time, and once the kids are in the pool and at the leisure facility time will  fly by, and before they know it, its time to get back on the school bus, and get back to school: and they may require a swimming cap at school – with or with out a school logo:

School Swimming Caps

Many schools are very lucky, they often have a school swimming pool, this really puts the levels of swimming within the school up! once a child can go to school and often have swimming once a week, way more than the average the standard of swimming ability goes up.




Swimming Pools Info

Some pools unfortunately only have an outside swimming pool, and then its tricky as swimming can only take place in the summer months, but still the swimming can be done at school, rather then at the local pool which is often 20 minutes away.

Swimming is a highly important life skill, it really can eve your child’s life, the dangers of water are everywhere, if you live by the sea its important to stay in touch with water development skills, if you not lucky with your school swimming program then you may wish to consider swimming with an after school swimming club, or learn to swim program. Often the swimming lesson program will have swim caps