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The Swimming Times is the Uks leading magazine of swimming, its full of tips and info relating to swimming and all issues relating to swimming, very often you will find amazing stories about swimming from around the world. The lastest swimming competition news can be also found in the swimming times, up to date info regarding world class events to UK county championships, the swimming times also has the latest news on swimming teaching and teachers from around the UK.

The swim times mag is also dedicated to open water swimming news, from local open water swimming events raising money for charity, to elite open water swimming events that are held all over the world, in the mag you will also find other swimming related issues that are highly educational, and very interesting.

To contact the swimming times please see below.

The swimming times office

Office Tel number 01509 640230 or Email the swimming times @ [email protected]

The address is : Swimming Times, Pavilion 3, Sportpark , 3 Oakwood Drive, Loughbrough Uni, LE11 3QF





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