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Swimming Training for Triathlon

Training in the swimming pool for Triathlon  | UK 2018

Triathletes will be thinking of 2019 swimming and triathlete season not to far off in the Spring, it’s a few months away yet but its defiantly going to arrive, so what are most triathletes doing in the swimming pool for training, mostly refining drills and skills, the swimming technique is really important, front crawl swimming is key to practice,

Swimming 400m Front Crawl

But if you a breaststroker hoping to do well in a Triathlon you may wish to consider learning front crawl, its really important to develop, not swimming front crawl in a Triathlon Race will men a much slower time, the times most beginner Triathletes per 400m of swimming are normally around the 8-10 min mark, then an intermediate Triathlete will be in around 6-7 mins of 400m swimming, with an advanced borderline triathlete about 5 mins and even below..

Swimming Sets for the Triathlete

With  | UK 2018 Triathlon fixtures coming out even now its really important to get cracking now with your swimming training, swimming sets such as 300m 400m 500 m sets, and 1000m to 1500m sets are important, kicking sets are very important for improving your body position, the also help with swimming proposition, and even though the average Triathlon and triathlete will swim with a Tri Suit to hand, or wearing one and this then keeps the body position high, its really important to get a good kick:

Adding Drills to a Program of Triathlon Swimming

A drill set is a must for Triathletes, it’s really important to get skills squeezed in for swim technique improvement, this is key to development, the drills should be aimed at any corrections you may need as Triathlete, a coach can give guidance on improving the faults in the swimming stroke, high elbow drills, long reach swimming drills, front end catch drills, underwater phase swimming drills, hand position, leg kick improvements, and more, add a swim training set to your warm-up, its a great way to get that drill set in:



Swimming Team Kit For Triathlon Clubs

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