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The Customised Swimming Caps | Open Water Events

Swimming Caps Fully Customised

Swimming caps fully customised are the perfect open meet or open water swimming event free give away, often this is a great way of promoting you swimming event, or meet, very often swimming events such as a charity event, for the Heart Foundation , Mac-millian, the Red Cross , get a great benifit from using branded customised swim caps.
It can help with remarketing and also brand identity , really helping your swimming event or triathlon event take off with the participants.
Open Water Swimming Events
Most Open Water Swimming events use a “Super Soft silicone Swimming Cap” these thiner swimming caps are very good for most swimmers head shapes, they are quite strecty and low cost, all colours can be printed on them, and if you have a good budget up-to 6 different colours can be used, although the cheapest would simply be a one colour print swimming cap

Other Silicone Swim Caps

Another silicone swimming cap thats often used but slightly more cost is a “Classic Silicone Swimming Cap” these are thicker, they last longer, and again they are perfect for Open Water Swimming Events, Open Water Triathlons, Open Meets for Age Group Swimmers, the Classic Swim Cap is a great give away for events:

Event Organisers

Its often that event organisers now choose Silicone swimming caps over the old school Latex Swimming Caps, the Latex swimming cap is cheap option for custom printing , they do have a tendency to rip, school swimming programs do use them but most swimming clubs in and around the UK and Europe dont use them to often.




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