The Top 19 Printed Swimming Caps Q&A’s

The Top 19 Printed Swimming Caps Q&As

Find out more about printed swimming caps and how we customise swim caps.

Looking for printed and customised swimming caps services? we offer a wide selection of printed caps services. With our printing onto swimming caps services you will find certain questions, below are the most popular questions.

1. What is the best swimming cap for a swimming club to print onto? A high-grade swim cap is best for swim clubs. We use a 50g swim cap for swimming teams they are long-lasting.

2. What is the best Open Water Swimming race is event cap? Most of our events us a 30g swimming cap, they are a nice fitting cap, thinner and great as a giveaway in goodie bags.

3. What’s is the best swimming cap for school swimming sessions?  Swim schools very often schools use a thin cap, however, the cap is thinner than a classic 50g cap, then most popular is the 50 g cap for the school swimming program.

4. What swim cap is best for Triathlon clubs? The Tri or Triathlon club prefers a  Q 50g swim cap, although Triathletes like to swim in open water they do swim mainly swim in the pool, the classic cap is perfect for the pool.

5. How long do printed swim caps order take to process? We pride our self’s in orders turned around in 2 weeks. The express services we offer are fast and super quick in just 7 days.

6. How do you ship your swimming caps out to customers? We use the express service Royal Mail to ship our printed swim caps.

7. What are the best swim caps for swim schools? As swim schools have the smaller heads they prefer 30g swimming caps.

8. Can you ship across  Europe? We can ship across most of Europe, its an extra few days. This is popular as a service.

10. Can you supply Dome race caps the performance cap? Yes, we can, please inquire.

11. Can you print onto bullet swim caps? Yes, both sides can be printed onto but the logo will be smaller

12. Can you supply all the swimming cap colours? Yes, we can, we have a large selection of swimming cap colours.

13. How many swim cap colours can be printed onto a swim cap? We can print up to 8 different colours onto swimming caps.

14. What’s the most popular swim cap colour? The most popular swim cap colour is RED, Black, or White, although light blue is also popular.

15. What is the most popular swimming cap colour for open water swimming events? The open water swimming event prefers a bright colour swim cap.

16. What swimming caps are best for university swim teams? They Uni swim team prefer a 50g swimming cap, they are long-lasting.

17. What is the best swim cap for GB masters swimmers? The experienced masters swim is often a  good club swimmer, they mostly choose a 50g swim cap, its best for them.

18. Can you send a swim caps sample? We ship out free swim caps samples to anybody these are NO printed on, but there is no cost if you request a swim cap sample.

19. What is the cheapest printed swimming cap process? The very cheapest swim caps process is a 30g swim cap with a one-colour print.