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A fantastic range of Silicone Swimming Caps that can be fully customised:

Here at our Elite Swim Caps Shop, we can offer a wide range of Swimming Cap Options, ALL Swimming Caps can be fully customised – A maximum of 6 colours on each Swim Cap can be applied: Printing onto both sides of the swimming caps is available:


Custom Swim Print Swim Caps Shop | Elite Swim Caps


Our Custom Swim Caps Shop is basically all of our printed swim caps services 

We offer Super Soft Silicone Swim Caps fully customised, printed both sides at no extra costs: This super cost effective swim cap is really great for ALL swimmers:

We also offer Classic Silicone Swim Caps – these are just perfect swim caps for swimmers, Triathlon Club members – School Swimming Teams – Uni Swim Teams:


Seamless Swimming Caps are also very popular, these are just a little step higher from the Classic Cap , perfect for printing on, and as the name suggests – Seamless down the middle of the cap this looks fantastic:

During swimming events – swimming schools, swim school lessons – swimming galas – elite swimming galas – swim club training the Silicone Swimming Cap is king: For the best possible swim cap requirement please do drop us a line for further info:

If you require a Swimming Cap sample please simply drop us a line at [email protected]